Greed, Social Responsibility, and Jewish Deception

Clement Pulaski
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2014

Love should be at the heart of a community, not greed.
Love and kinship should be at the heart of a community, not greed.

In contemporary America, there are, generally speaking, only two acceptable economic positions:

1) Jewish socialism, which teaches that the government should regulate the economy in a way that promotes left-wing programs.

2) Jewish libertarianism, which teaches that ruthless greed and corporate profit are the key to social improvement.

These ideologies are equally advantageous to the Jew, because they both prevent White economic and social cohesion. Under socialism, the wealth produced by Whites is stolen by the state and given to undeserving non-whites, while under libertarianism, “free trade” drives down White wages and concentrates wealth in the hands of a tiny international elite.

Both ideologies are clearly a threat to the prosperity and survival of our race, but it is the popularity of Jewish libertarianism that is particularly tragic, because it ensnares those who otherwise would be on our side. It is precisely because so many who consider themselves to be on the political Right embrace some form of libertarianism that we find it necessary to repeatedly distinguish ourselves from them, and point out how cold, heartless, and morally reprehensible their position is.

Many conservative, patriotic Whites instinctively understand that there is something wrong with Obama-style wealth redistribution, but the mental straitjacket of political correctness prevents them from advocating anything that explicitly benefits their own people. When they are no longer able to love their own people, they resort to an ideology where love is totally absent, where all human feelings and concerns are replaced by an irrational trust in the magic of personal greed.

This insane libertarianism was on display at a recent Apple stockholders meeting. Apple has made a point of investing in “eco-friendly” technology, out of a desire to respond to alleged man-made climate change. Upset that Apple would pay attention to anything other than its profits, Justin Danhof of the National Center for Public Policy Research spoke up, expressing concern about “[c]ompany affiliations that may primarily advance social or environmental causes rather than promoting shareholder value”, and that Apple should only “invest in sustainability where it is doing so with a business rationale.”

We are certainly not endorsing the mainstream narrative on global warming, but we point out that in his comments Danhof did not focus on the truth or falsehood of man-made global warming. He merely criticized Apple for thinking about anything other than its bottom line.

Kosher conservative and proponent of blind greed, Justin Danhof.
Justin Danhof, proponent of blind greed.

Danhof’s statement provoked an angry response from the left, with many critics complaining about the heartless greed of “fiscal conservatives”. And we are forced to largely agree with the left on this point. We would certainly invest our money differently than Apple, but we would sacrifice profits in order to champion important causes. Anything less would be inhuman.

Economic activities are carried out by men, which means that “the market” cannot be isolated from questions of morality and social responsibility. And when living in a healthy nationalist community, economic activities must be carried out with a view towards ensuring the strength and security of one’s kith and kin. Under the logic of libertarianism, it is difficult to see how one could object to the Whites in the Old West who sold guns to the Indians. These Indian traders were able to maximize their profits by selling to savages, which was surely more important than the security of nearby pioneer communities. While personal gain and competition certainly can play a positive role in promoting innovation, it is complete folly to believe that “greed is good” is an immutable principle that can order all human relations and solve all of our problems.

Much like the pioneers of past generations, our race faces great dangers from the savage hordes. We will survive only if we can act in solidarity, if we can exert in unison all of our powers, be they social, political, or financial. We must abandon the false notion that we serve the common good through selfish consumption, and proudly take up the virtues of love and self denial.

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