Greece: Collapse Begins as “Radical Left” Government Angers Farmers

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2016

The first month of 2016, has seen a dramatic change from the last elections. In this article we will give you an overview of the pending doom for the “Radical Leftist” government of SYRIZA.

Subtitles courtesy of Andreas of Golden Dawn New York Division

Before the last elections in Greece, a low voter turnout led to re-election of SYRIZA (Coalition of the radical left). At this point, while people had in theory heard that SYRIZA had betrayed them by signing the new memorandum, it had not been felt until the middle of January, when the sting of the new taxes began. This is when all the “hope” of the SYRIZA voters began to crumble.

Among the most vicious taxation was applied to Greek Farmers, who work in one of Greece’s last sectors of national production. The Radical Leftist Government has now imposed a tax in some cases taking around 75% of a farmers income, effectively forcing the farmers to lose money and even go into debt to keep their farms running.

Farmers, realizing they have nothing left to lose, have left their farms, started up their tractors and have blockaded roads all over Greece, causing havoc for the “Radical Leftists” who refuse to speak to the farmers about the issue.

In the Greek province of Macedonia in the city of Pella, birthplace of Alexander the Great local farmers reacted.

Shortly before 11:00 in the morning the farmers and stockbreeders from the Pella blockade met with their colleagues outside the Xenitideio center in Aridaia and on foot headed for the office of Syriza MP, Sifakis.


The chants which dominated the route were characteristic with the main one being personally directed towards the MP warning him that if he votes in favor of the security bill that he should never set foot in Pella again: “Sifakis, if you vote, don’t set foot in Pella”, was the chant. Other chants also in the air were “fight farmer, they’re drinking your blood” and the timeless chant, we would say, which has to do with Parliament and that they want to see it burn.


Many whispered about lying politicians and declared that there is no one behind them who is inciting them. Everything is happening because of the measures which are coming, their damnation. Since Sifakis was absent at the moment, which the protesters expected, they posted the familiar resolution of theirs to the office door (note that this time there weren’t even any employees present, like last November) and then left a souvenir as many described it. Manure, kiwi fruit, and eggs to cover the door from top to bottom.

While this may have been unpleasant for the local SYRIZA office, the real thing the government is worried about is incidents like this in Thebes:

The Greek media has responded hysterically, with one magazine saying:

The most worrying thing of all is the exploitation of the whole situation from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn, that shows it is reaping from social discontent. The show of members with the farmers blockades, such as Golden Dawn MP for Evia, Nikos Michos, and the continued presence of executives at blockades are typical examples of how invested the Golden Dawn is in reactions of social groups with low incomes. In their public statements, Golden Dawn executives do not lose chance to hit the Government, projecting themselves as fellow workers. The Government has repeatedly acknowledged the presence of Golden Dawn in the blockades and in stimulating their resistance”.

So now, Radical Left activists have turned on their “worker brothers” and have begun to call Greek farmers “Fascists” for flying Greek flags. The rich sons of capitalists now have turned against the Greek farmer under the banner of their “humanitarian” leftist movement.

The panic begins to spread as the radical leftists cling to power, as more and more segments of the working class become wise to their fraud.