Greece: Antifa Building Torched by “Fascists”!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2018


Sucks to be JEW!


A building occupied by left-wing Antifa activists in Thessaloniki was torched by reported right-wing nationalists during a massive rally in the Greek port city demanding the neighboring Republic of Macedonia change its name.

At around 3:30 in the afternoon, “a group of 60-70 fascists attacked our building with Molotov cocktails, causing its arson,” left-wing group Libertatia said in a statement.

A witness said he “heard slogans from an organized group of people” who were walking around smashing things, a local news outlet reported. “The slogans I heard were fascistic. It looks like they threw some flammable material causing the fire to spread very quickly.”

Emergency services deployed six trucks and at least 15 firefighters to respond to the massive blaze. It took firefighting crews around three hours to contain the flames in the two-story building. Despite their efforts, the structure was destroyed. No casualties were reported.

I imagine the firefighters were getting high off the fumes!

The whole neighborhood must have been getting high off the burning drug stash!

Antifa are lawless degenerates at war with the state.

So seeing them complain to the state about having lawless action taken against them is quite rich.