Goyim Mocked as Avengers Trailer is Released the Same Day as Fields Verdict

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 8, 2018

The stupid goyim were mocked on Friday as the trailer for the latest soul-crushing Marvel tripe was released on the same day as the verdict in the James Fields trial.

The trailer is just as horrible as you would imagine: more of this same absurd and terrible garbage that the goyim must have shoved down their throats every time they turn around. Literally, you are trying to enjoy your life and BOOM, there it is – another Disney movie gets rammed down your throat with a mechanized ramming machine.

This is the film equivalent of “Havana Na Na Na.”

You cannot escape the satanism of the Jews, and all of these films and songs exist as a reminder that there simply is no way out. You will be assimilated into the digital soul-crushing machine of the Jew. Your entire existence will be flooded with Marvel, Star Wars and these satanic mind-control songs as you sit by and watch white kids get sent to prison on fake charges by a kangaroo court for daring to question the Jew agenda.

When a Marvel or Star Wars movie is released, you have no options about the degree to which it floods your environment and buries everything human inside of you. These films are weapons against the human soul.

Because even if you somehow manage to avoid seeing them, you have to deal with the entire internet being flooded with astroturf about them, and everything in the real world covered with them. Posters, McDonald’s campaigns, news segments, etc. – you are flooded. Then everyone around you is talking about them – the NPCs are programmed to enjoy these evil, boring films.

So most people will simply crack and go to the films when invited, just so they have some idea what is going on with all of it. That is their strategy for selling tickets: to manipulate you into believing that this is a cultural event and that you are anti-social if you are not involved.

Honestly, I don’t even recommend not watching them, because your life is going to be so inundated, and if you tell family members and co-workers you didn’t see the latest, it is the equivalent of 500 years ago telling those around you you skipped church on Easter.

Disney films are a religious sacrament of the Jewish new world order.

And they DO successfully bring together the entire world under a singular religious order.

Harry Potter was the first example of this.

You have all of these shitlibs doing their protests dressed as characters from those books/films, referencing them on their signs.

Exhibit A: 7-year-old child in a vaginal hat holds up anti-Trump Harry Potter sign:

Disney’s Marvel and Star Wars films are almost worse than Harry Potter, as they are not explicitly political, and thus can create an exclusively “happiness” vibe around the multicultural hell.

It is no coincidence that we have the news of the Fields verdict surrounded by stories of the release of the Avengers trailer.

It’s a cohencidence.