Government Shutdown Again on Thursday, I Guess

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2018

Just a brain-refresher here: the last shutdown was ended with a temporary package that expires on Thursday.


If Congress doesn’t act this week, the federal government will shut down for the second time this year.

Lawmakers are up against two key deadlines that were put in place as part of the negotiations to reopen the government last month, creating a short window to show substantial signs of progress on a deal to protect undocumented immigrants who came to this country as children and their families. Immigration negotiators say they’ve taken steps in the right direction, but no deal to address the contentious issue has thus far emerged.

The first deadline is Thursday, when government funding runs out. The second is to reach a long-stalled deal on immigration before Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell opens a promised freewheeling floor debate to try to settle the contentious issue.

Congressional leader from both parties have said they don’t foresee a second shutdown, but as of Sunday evening, it’s not clear if congressional leaders have the votes to pass such a measure through both the Senate and the House.

The diabolical kike Chuck Schumer is in a very uncomfortable position here.

Whatever remains of his “moderate” base is appalled by the idea of a government shutdown for the sake of non-citizens.

And with Trump’s offer – labeled the “Make America White Again Plan” by Nancy Pelosi – he isn’t even arguing for non-citizens that are already here, but theoretical immigrants yet to arrive. Because the current plan on the table that Trump has offered is to legalize the DACA babies in exchange for basically shutting down immigration completely.

So Schumer shutting it down for the sake of people who have never even been to America – that’s a hard sell with anyone who isn’t totally frothing-at-the-mouth.

BUT – the biggest part of his base is frothing-at-the-mouth, begging to see the white race destroyed by overwhelming invasion numbers.

He blinked when Trump called his bluff last time, so I don’t see how he can not do that a second time. If he wasn’t planning to do it a second time, then why would he have ever done it the first time?

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  1. It looks like Schumer is scheming with zombie McCain to ram something through.

  2. Hrizvi says:

    Chucky chuck schumer is a evil blood sucking cross-eyed as hell political terrorist kike and the public enemy number 1. What ? You don’t believe me, check for yourself:

  3. iAmBob says:

    The really sad thing is that Trump isn’t doing anything that previous Republican Presidents couldn’t have done. But none of them thought enough of you or your children’s future to lift a finger.

    The Democucks came away from the last shut down with virtually no support whatsoever from anybody. They pissed off independents and moderates by shutting the government down at all and then they pissed off their progressive base by ending the shutdown.

    It looks like they want to repeat both of those things.

    For anybody worried, Trump has literally no reason whatsoever to compromise. He held all the cards in the first shutdown and then he won the shutdown. The only thing that’s changed since then is his position is even stronger now. He won’t cuck on this.

    In fact, he won’t even get a chance to cuck because the House Freedom Caucus won’t pass anything that even halfway resembles amnesty or a DACA extension or anything else.

  4. 1
    Lord how I hate this clown

  5. Clive says:

    The plan would only reduce immigration to what it was pre-1990 - about 500K per year - and encourage “higher quality” immigrants. But here’s the catch:

    • Mass-Immigration has already flooded the labor-market, and with this Shamensty PLUS allowing all the chain-migrants in the pipeline (10 years worth), working Class Americans will be relegated to Poverty-Ditch.

    • “Quality” immigrants means more 501B types from India (English + Education), so now that they have effectively destroyed the American Dream for working-class / blue-collar Americans, they can move forward with wiping out all white-collar / “need a degree” type jobs.

    So, in reality, the “Trump Immigration Compromise” is a 1-2 punch to wipe out a First-World USA, and White America, forever.

    Crashing and Burning the USA is The Plan of the globalists, regardless. They prefer 3rd World Shitholes. See Europe - same program in action.

    The difference is, that Killery would have continued the ‘Manged Decline’ plan - including the TPP and more Shamnesty - whereas under Trump, they may have to take more desperate acts in the short-term.

    Faster actions might give us some room to maneuver - i.e. begin the very necessary massive attacks on Spic-Vermin, under the cover of whatever chaos these events cause, until they mass-deport in terror. And let’s face it, that’s the ONLY way we will ever get rid of them, and have any hope at all of a decent future for our children in a first-world nation.

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