GOP Senate Majority Whip Says Trump Voters Never REALLY Wanted the Wall

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 2, 2017

Tucker Carlson pressed Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn (Texas) on why the GOP Cohengress – which was given a historic legislative mandate by the voters on Trump’s coattails in 2016 – isn’t passing any laws.

By March 1st 2009, Obama’s Democratic Congress had already passed numerous pieces of legislation, including an $831 billion dollar stimulus. On March 1st 2017, Congress hadn’t even bothered approving all of Trump’s cabinet picks, and they have responded by spending 40% of their time since the inauguration on vacation. Carlson even brought up the fact that a number of Cornyn’s staffers and GOP swamp-men he knew voted for Hillary Clinton.

Building the Wall is nothing more than a meme the Alt-Right made up to get a rise out of people!

In response to Tucker’s more barbed inquiries (starting at 4:34), Senator Cornyn assured him and the American people that GOP lawmakers were working diligently on addressing national emergencies, like giving millionaires tax-cuts. But when it comes to bills like Kate’s Law, proposed immigration restrictions, and other bills that the GOP could easily pass through right now, they just can’t seem to get out them out of the judicial review limbo.

The most fascinating insight from Mr Cornyn is the news that voters who elected Donald Trump and a government that will support his agenda don’t want the wall. When people voted “R” down the ticket last November in Trump’s 9 point victory in Texas, they were actually voting for Republican Cohengressmen to stop Donald Trump’s wall!

You see this is all part of a huge misunderstanding. What we thought were 10,000 strong crowds erupting in spontaneous chants of “Build The Wall” was really “Build The Mall.” What John Cornyn thinks he heard from his constituents is that they want a NAFTA shopping mall on the Texas border, one where both Mexicans and Americans can walk hand in hand sipping Orange Julius, courageously defying protectionist “fear of competition” in our vibrant new global economy.

Mark my words: the greatest challenge to Trump’s agenda won’t come from the impotent Democrats, it will be from these corrupt and bought con-men.

If you live in Texas, give the confused Senator’s office a call. Make sure you politely clarify exactly what you voted for.

(202) 224-2934

If that fails, he is up for re-election in 2018, and noticeably sitting on his hands until then to really start openly subverting Trump. If he doesn’t start doing what he was elected to do, then it’s better to vote for his Democratic challenger and cut him off from the gravy train. A traitor is always worse than an enemy.