GOP Cucks are Wrongly Freaking Out Over Trump’s Tariffs

Lee Rogers (with Andrew Anglin)
Daily Stormer
July 2, 2018

Paul Ryan is one of the many Republicans opposed to protective tariffs because of “free trade” gibberish. He doesn’t get that we don’t have a “free trade” system we have a stupid trade system.

There are a number of Republicans who think that the various tariffs announced by Donald Trump are going to result in an economic collapse. They seem to think that these tariffs are bad because they are disruptive to an international system of free trade.

The problem with their argument is that we do not have anything resembling free trade. A system of free trade would require the parties exchanging goods to have no trade barriers placed in between them. Many of America’s trading partners have extremely high tariffs on American goods while they have been allowed to dump their products into America at little to no cost. This is not free trade, this as Trump has accurately put it, is stupid trade.

The media is simply lying about this, and when Trump mentions that we already have tariffs on us and he is just matching them, they ignore the statements and act like he’s insane.

The term “free trade” has been used as a marketing gimmick to fool the American people into supporting retarded trade deals like NAFTA and others. These trade deals were designed to benefit large multinational corporations so they could take advantage of cheap labor in foreign countries. It’s why all sorts of plants and factories that were once a key engine of the American economy disappeared. Good paying blue collar jobs were sucked out of the country because of this.

If the American people voted in Ross Perot as President back in 1992 we would not be in this situation. He accurately predicted how bad NAFTA was going to be for the American worker.

On top of these horrible trade deals, our equally horrible immigration system has brought in an endless flood of brown sludge. These aliens have been willing to work for much lower wages than the average White American. This has contributed to wage stagnation because there was a sharp increase in cheap labor available. So what you had was a set of trade and immigration policies that directly harmed the White blue collar worker. Only lying rat Jews like Paul Krugman dispute this reality with a straight face.

Furthermore, many of these low-skilled immigrants are shipping their profits out of the United States, so that money is simply drained from our economy completely.

Last year, America’s total trade deficit on goods was around $800 billion. The only way to reset this is to place protective tariffs on imports coming into the country. This will encourage more companies to make their products in the United States which means more American jobs. It also provides leverage for us to negotiate fair trade deals with other countries.

America currently has the biggest economy in the world and it doesn’t benefit other nations to be shut out of our market. In fact, it hurts them much more than it hurts us. As Trump has said – if they don’t want to make a deal with us, it’s actually better for us. The retaliatory tariffs that have been placed on American products aren’t consequential because many of our companies were already shut out of these markets due to existing protective barriers. This situation is what will compel them to come to the table and make deals.

Sure, in the short term you could see the price of certain products rise, but the increase in jobs more than makes up for it. This is a far better situation than if you have to pay slightly more for products.

The Jew-run media has tried to bash Trump’s tariffs by making an example out of a recent Harley-Davidson announcement. Harley-Davidson announced that they were going to start making some of their motorcycles in Europe and have used this trade situation to justify it. Trump has rightly criticized them for doing this.

This was not a smart move by the Harley-Davidson management team. The people who ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles do so largely because they’re an iconic American brand. They’re ruining their brand, which is arguably their most valuable asset, so they can save a few shekels in the short term. They should have waited to see how Trump’s trade negotiations went before making such a rash and stupid decision.

But Harley-Davidson is an anomaly. Electronics manufacturer Foxconn is building a huge facility in Wisconsin and there are all sorts of plants and factories that are beginning to open up across the country.

Overall though, this is not a very complicated situation. Trump is doing all the right things on the trade front. When you look at it objectively, he is merely trying to level the playing field with these tariffs. You’d think that most Republicans would understand this, but they keep selling the idea that this stupid trade system we have is “free trade.” It’s obviously not free trade by any objective measure. This rhetoric has to be their big donors talking because it defies comprehension how they could be so stupid.

The current trade system was designed by globalist Jews as a means of transferring wealth out of the United States, the richest and most productive country in all of history, to lesser nations. This is all part of an agenda to create a global government system – when wealth is “equally distributed” across national borders, it will be less painful to dissolve those national borders.

They are looking at this map and trying to make all the nations the same color.

Obviously, the biggest loser in a global wealth redistribution program is going to be the richest nation – which is why America has been saddled with the biggest trade deficit and the biggest third world migrant population.

You can notice that China is the one nation not flipping out about Trump’s trade agenda. This is because they are one nation that is not interested and certainly not ideologically invested in the globalist project, despite the fact that they have benefitted immensely from the Jewish process of attempting to implement it.

Trump should continue implementing tariffs until these foreign countries come to their senses and strike fair trade deals. It’s by far the best policy and strategy for the White American worker, and the nation as a whole.

Taking care of these other countries is not our responsibility. We are not their dad.

America First!

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