Google Endorses White Supremacy by Refusing to Tie Executive Pay to Diversity

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

Google is wary of the Negro menace.

Google’s YouTube recently made waves in the Alt-Right by engaging in a campaign of mass censorship against negroes, under the logic that their culture was encouraging “crime” and “violence.”

Instead of apologizing for this extreme racism, Google is doubling down on White supremacy. Some employees went to the shareholders demanding more diversity, and got viciously shot down by the board.

Mercury News:

Yes, shareholders of Google’s parent firm Alphabet followed the company’s advice to nix a proposal Wednesday to tie executive pay to workplace diversity. But no, that doesn’t mean the Mountain View digital advertising giant has given up on inclusion.

Even if most of Google’s shareholders are kikes, they still realize that the company’s value is based on maintaining superior technology. And that simply can’t be done when all your employees are imported from shithole countries.

Good luck getting brown people to shave off processor cycles off your search algorithm routines. They’ll probably just start deleting random lines until the program “goes faster.”

Google has already gone way overboard with the “diversity” bit, and even the most Jewish investor is likely starting to worry that the whole thing is going to collapse if they hire any more useless human material.

“There’s big talk about inclusion and diversity at Google,” began a tweet Wednesday from the company’s head emoji wrangler Jennifer Daniel.

“If you need any evidence” that Google is making those ideals a priority, she went on, behold the latest change to the emoji lineup: an egg-less salad.

The bowl of leafy greens and sliced tomatoes, minus the egg, makes a “more inclusive vegan salad,” Daniel asserted.

Yes, we already covered the damn salad.


I didn’t realize the vegan salad was supposed to be an apology for Google’s policy decision to uphold White supremacy, tho.

“Yeah we ain’t getting rid of any more White people, sorry. Have this vegan salad emoji instead.”

Is this bitch trolling, lol?

The vegan-friendly salad arrives in beta for the Android P operating system as Google struggles with upheaval in the workplace over its efforts to foster diversity. Though the company led the way in reporting the percentages of women and minorities in its workforce, its tech employees are still 80 percent male and 53 percent white.

53 percent!

That’s less White than in the general US population.

So if being more “diverse” (i.e. less White) than the actual population isn’t good enough, then what is?

Oh but it’s because the “diverse” employees are all Asians, isn’t it?

The problem, of course, is that these “diversity” hires aren’t merely less productive then the normal White and Asian male engineers. You can be sure that each and every one of them actually is a net negative in terms of the total productivity of the company.

The White and Asian engineers who do the actual work would get a lot more done if they didn’t have to deal with the constant whining from uppity niggers and trannies every day, I can tell you that.

They wouldn’t have to waste their precious time attending retarded diversity seminars, at the very least.

Case in point:

And on Wednesday, the shareholder proposal to tie executives’ compensation to “metrics regarding diversity and inclusion” was delivered by three Google employees.

“The lack of clear, communicated policies and actions to advance diversity and inclusion, with concrete accountability and leadership from senior executives,” engineer Irene Knapp said at the meeting, “has left many of us feeling unsafe and unable to do our work.”

Basically, three of these useless employees demanded that the shareholders give financial incentives to the executives to reduce the number of White males working for the company.

They explicitly threatened to stop working if their demand was not met. This left the board unfazed, since they know that any “work” these people perform only harms Google’s profitability in the first place.

In fact, if all the brown people and women at Google went on strike, productivity would almost certainly go through the roof.

And so, White supremacy won the day.

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