Goldman Sachs Jew Named President of Dallas Federal Reserve

Daily Slave
August 21, 2015

Without this Goldman Sachs Jew at the Federal Reserve, America’s economy would not survive lol.

The number of Jews involved with the Federal Reserve is ridiculous.  The Federal Reserve is currently chaired by the Jewess Janet Yellen and vice-chaired by the Israeli Jew Stanley Fischer.

Now they have added another Jew to the ranks with the appointment of the Jew Robert Steven Kaplan to the position of Dallas Federal Reserve President.  Not only is he a Jew but he is a Jew from Goldman Sachs the notoriously evil Jew run financial institution.

Washington Free Beacon:

A donor to the Clinton Foundation and Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been appointed as the chief executive officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas and member of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC).

Robert Steven Kaplan, a Harvard Business School professor and former executive at Goldman Sachs, has also donated more than $100,000 to Democratic candidates and campaigns, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis.

Kaplan has donated $147,450 to Democratic candidates and campaigns, including $45,600 to the DNC, as well as $15,450 to Republican candidates and campaigns.

Kaplan has also donated between $25,000 and $50,000 to the Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation.


  1. It’s a case of the Foxes guarding the hen house!

  2. It’s a Jew Fest over there at the Fed.

  3. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss…

  4. And of course, with Alex Jones’
    type of “logic” this is just more proof that the “Jews” aren’t in control of
    America. For God’s sakes, the man is the mirror imagine of the “Jew” Goldman of The 6 Million Dollar Man Talmudvision show.

  5. Look at that face. He looks so trustworthy. Lol.

    • The clean shaven, bespectacled, neat hair and smile by first impression.

      He might be potrayed as a saint in the media, but turns out a pedo, murderer or demon at night.

      It’s the looks that matters. Most scam artists, televangelist or pyramid scheme organizers all their members to put “look” ahead of everything else before the public to convince them.

  6. Was worried for a moment there. Thought another Catholic was going to be put in a high monetary position. Phew.

  7. “Man…it’s just like…JEW-JEW-JEW…it’s almost like…people that are obsessed with this just have JEW on the brain!! It gives me a headache.” – Info warrior and revolutionary, Alex Jones, 2015

    Maybe you sick bigots should have stopped to ponder this compelling argument presented by American savior AJ before posting this outrageous anti-Semitic terrorism.

  8. Gas-chamber-hoax

    The best way to understand the Rothschild System is that it is a Jewish organized crime network. Once he gained power, he created a network of Jews throughout Europe and in America brought on Shabbos Goy on as partners through the Masonic Lodges.

    • Still another typical idiot Scamming Jew….for another “Scammed” generation:

      (American) Populists jumped all over the issue, shouting that it was yet another
      example of Washington being in league with the international banks and
      Wall Street. To the Populists it was the perfect example of a conspiracy
      against the common man. There was an Anti Semitic
      thread to their argument as Populists railed against the Rothschilds
      House (a bank which was a member of the syndicate) as the source of the
      conspiracy, trying to suggest that Washington and Wall Street were in
      the hands of the Jewish banking houses of England, and that soon all of
      America would be as well.

    • “The best way to understand the Rothschild System is…” – there is no need to understand the “Rothschild system”. Just destroy it.

      • So what are you waiting for, carpathian? You must be waiting for the muds they’re gonna fill your country with after all your brethren decided to gipsy their way out.

        • they will bomb us if we start first.

          • The first will be bombed whoever they are. That is why they will be heroes while the rest is busy being afraid. The rest of us, lest it be claimed I’m a hypocrite. But constantly being scared is only possible for somebody sick, wich explains why they want to keep us nevrotic. It’s wearing off in me, to be replaced by determination.

          • no, they will not start a a war on the USA or the UK

  9. The Jews have a saying if you find a donkey ride it, and that’s what they are doing its not their fault Americans are stupid, even the law does not protect the fool.

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