Golden Dawn to the EU: “You are Usurers, Financial Criminals and Unwelcome in Greece”

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2015

In a bipartisan committee in parliament, on October 26th, Commission Vice President, the Latvian V. Dombrovskis was in attendance, so that he can present the Memorandum plan for the destruction of Greece.  Golden Dawn’s representative, Ilias Kasidiaris, characterized this particular agent as:

– A Financial criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of Greeks

– A Representative of the usurers who are unwelcome in our Fatherland.

He also stressed that:

– Greece doesn’t accept lessons against corruption from the representatives of Siemens, Volkswagen, and the corrupt German economic oligarchy.

– They owe us the occupation loan and German reparations

– The theft of the primary residence of the Greeks constitutes a casus belli and will mean social war.

– The anti-Hellenic decision to subsidize rent for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants will not be implemented.

The representative of usurers was visibly displeased during the speech of the Golden Dawn MP, as he had grown accustomed to the constant ass kissing and compliments by the MPs of all the other parties.


Committee chairwoman and mummy, Tasia Christodoulopoulou (pictured above) at the conclusion stammered some incomprehensible gibberish, such as: “Now they known the Greek people who they represent and how they arranges hospitality …” (???)

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