Golden Dawn Commemorates 20th Anniversary of Turkish Attack

George Papailias
Daily Stormer
January 7, 2016

It was this month in 1996 that Turkish commandos invaded the uninhabited Greek Island of Imia and shot down a Greek reconnaissance helicopter killing three Greek soldiers.

Golden Dawn every year since has commemorated this so that we may never forget. We shall never forget the attack by the mongols of allah and we shall also never forget the traitorous Greek government that with the orders of the United States, ruled the deaths of the 3 Greeks as an “accidental” incident. The event has grown from having 2000 Greeks per year, to swell to over 50,000 people, including nationalists from Germany, Italy, Romania, Spain, France and Serbia.

Almost 20 years after this incident in Greece, as many of you already well know the mongols of allah struck again, this time shooting down a Russian jet and gloating about it under the protection of the United States and NATO.  The situation intensifies as more and more nations grow tired of the Turks and their handlers. Any nationalists who can make it this year to the event are welcome to attend.

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