Globo-Kikedom Claims US Trade Situation Worst Ever (Actually Best Ever)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 14, 2018

Once again, we see that no one can make fun of Trump without making him look cooler.

Trump is purposefully creating a total chaos scenario, which puts him in a position of extreme control over the global trade situation.

He is purposefully rampaging and just tearing down all of these old rules and relationships.

The Jewish media is flipping out. They don’t even know what to do or say about this.


U.S. trade relations appear to be hitting rock bottom ahead of potential new tariffs on China Friday and amid continuing worries that President Donald Trump will shred the North American Free Trade Agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Trump’s already testy meeting with leaders of major trade partners at the G-7 summit last weekend took an even more difficult turn when he and administration officials slammed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau had commented that Canada would not be pushed around by the U.S. and that it would proceed with retaliatory tariffs, drawing criticism from Trump and other officials who said Trudeau was stabbing Trump in the back.

The new low in U.S.-Canada relations fed concerns that NAFTA talks, still far from settled, could either drag on even longer or fall apart altogether, leading to Trump withdrawing from the 24-year-old trade pact.

Trump trade advisor Peter Navarro appeared to be toning down the administration’s rhetoric Tuesday when he apologized for insulting Trudeau by saying there was a special place in hell for him. Navarro also said the list of proposed tariffs on Chinese goods, expected to be announced Friday, will be smaller than the original list.

“The original list was $12.5 billion of tariffs on $50 billion of goods (0.06% of US GDP) and making the list smaller is positive on the margin,” wrote Dan Clifton, head of policy research at Strategas. “The initial round of tariffs is quite manageable economically although we are moving to a more uncomfortable stage should the tariffs be imposed.”

China has threatened its own tariffs, as have other trading partners the Trump administration has targeted. Progress appeared to be made when the White House struck a deal to allow China’s ZTE to resume buying U.S. components even though it violated sanctions against selling to Iran and North Korea. However, the deal now is in question, with the Senate attempting to undo it with a bill that is making progress.

Yeah, the ZTE thing – which I won’t try to go into the details of, because I don’t understand them well enough – is a clever thing of The Donald. China really, really wants the rest of being respected in the electronics world.

They have been humiliated for decades by their neighbors, Japan and Korea (and actually even Taiwan also, even though Taiwan is China), and it is a big point of national pride for them to be on the world electronics stage.

Just like the Olympics were a big thing for them.

Chinese people are Asians, and they still have all of these ideas of national honor and so on – it isn’t all about the bottom line like it is for the soulless West.

They are not in the situation that they were in in the 80s, where they just had to be a gigantic sweatshop for the whole world in order to amass wealth. They now have a thriving middle class and an economy that is not entirely based on exports. They will make deals.

Of course, Congress is trying to sabotage the ZTE thing, because they are globo-kikeist shills.

China will make deals.

It is the Europeans and Canada that are going to be butthurt at the end of this thing, because to them this is ideological. It is about globalism – forcing this democracy/multiculturalist/feminist/consumerist – or, in a single word, “Jewish” – system on the world. And they absolutely have to have the wealth and military strength of the US to make that happen.

Look: every trade deal the US is involved in is a charity program (just like NATO has been a charity program since the end of the Cold War).

The whole thing needed a wrecking ball taken to it.

From that wrecked point, we can either renegotiate new deals or just not do any deals. It will take some time to get factories built in the US, but it doesn’t matter. If we are doing tit-for-tat in a trade war, we can still import goods.

The US has ALWAYS held all of the cards. And we still do.

The problem is that since like, Nixon, the US has been run by globalists who view the country as a massive charity machine designed to build up the rest of the world at the expense of our own people.

So these asshole have continually folded with a hand full of aces – because they were driven by an agenda that had nothing to do with what was good for America and her people.

But we are in a new world now.

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