Global Outrage: Only 7% of Russians Care About “Democracy”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2016

Lol-f ace

The whole world is now experiencing intense outrage at the fact that only 7% of Russians care about the stupid Jew hoax known as “democracy.”

This fact was demonstrated in a new Interfax poll.

Are they trying to blow the whole jig?

Do they truly want all cats released from their bags?


How dare they?

Daily Caller:

Run by the Levada Center for Independent, the poll asked 1,600 Russian respondents to rank issues they viewed as important. Respondents first and foremost chose economic and political stability. In contrast, only 7 percent of Russians said they cared about democracy.

Stability has taken the center stage above unemployment at 48 percent and personal safety at 45 percent.

Only in Russia would less than half of people be concerned about personal safety.

Russian men are just like “lol no – I crave danger.”

Other values traditionally associated with liberal-democratic countries also took a plunge. Freedom of speech, expression and the right of assembly dropped from 11 percent in 1999 to 9 percent now in 2016.

Despite liberal-democratic values falling in importance, a majority of Russians still consider themselves free. A second Levada Center poll in December found that 66 percent felt they were free.

How dare they have a different definition of freedom than that provided by Jews?

How could freedom exist outside of liberalism?

At the same time, fewer Russians at 22 percent think President Vladimir Putin is in danger of moving the country towards a dictatorship. Putin continues to rake in high approval ratings. A state-run poll found an approval rating of 89.9 percent, which was supported by an independent Levada Center poll. The Levada poll found an approval rating of 88 percent.

So even if we assume 100% of the 12% allegedly against him believe he is going to become a dictator, that still means 10% both support him and believe he will become a dictator.

What is not explained here is what exactly a dictator is.

Generally, what are labeled “dictators” are populists, and act on the popular will. They also generally hold elections. Meaning there isn’t really any difference between a “dictator” and an otherwise democratically-elected populist leader.


The small difference is that in a dictatorship, opposition parties are often considered hoax parties, set up by the ruling party to give the appearance of choice. But if you already have 90% approval, there is no reason to directly control the opposition.

In actual fact, the Western Jewish media already refers to Putin as a “dictator,” even while Russia holds internationally-observed open elections. So they’ve tacitly acknowledged that there is no difference.

They also refer to popular Middle Eastern rulers as “dictators.” It is basically just an insult – a counter-hoax to the hoax of “democracy.”

This approval rating continues to stay high despite a crumbling oil price, which reverses the usual connection between poor economic performance and poor government approval ratings. One political scientist, Alexei Chadaev, suggests that this is the case because although Putin does not rely on democratic governance, his decisions tend to be in alignment with what Russians actually want and believe.


There goes the jig!

Emerge, ye cat, from thine bag prison.
Emerge, ye cat, from thine bag prison.

Not being “democratic” means that you are able to do what the people “actually want.”

This is, of course, an obvious fact. But when it is stated so plainly like that, it blows the mind. Or rather, it should.

We are constantly told that “democracy” is the embodiment of the people’s will. In actual fact, countries that are rated “the most democratic” have leaders with extremely low approval ratings.

“Democracy” doesn’t actually refer to “rule by the people.” It refers to a complex bureaucratic system ruled by Jews and wealthy capitalists and empowered by minority groups – ethnic and religious minorities, fags, feminists, etc. This system constantly pushes the idea that bad governments are the fault of the people, because “hey, you voted.”

In actual fact, voting within these “democratic” system means absolutely nothing. All candidates are chosen by the wealthy. Because of “liberal values” it is possible for an elite minority to completely control the entire media, because “hey, if you had billions of dollars and total support of multi-national corporate advertisers you could start your own mass-media company – it’s a free country, there’s no one stopping you from somehow getting billions of dollars and launching a cable news network.”

The controlled media, completely in-line with the agenda of the Jews and capitalists, constantly reinforces the illusion of choice, as to keep the people from revolting.

Controlling Our Thoughts Through Language

Language plays a huge role in all of this. Positive emotions and imagery have been attached to “democracy,” while negative ideas have been attached to “dictatorship.” They can throw these words around as they wish, and people will respond as they’ve been programed to respond. Most people are not psychologically-equipped to break down what is actually being communicated with these words, and so will continue to feed an oppressive system without question.

“Freedom” is another very important buzzword. By its basic definition – being able to make decisions and guide your own life – freedom is objectively good.

What they don’t tell you is that there is math involved with this freedom.

For example:

  • Allowing homosexuals the freedom to parade through the streets naked carrying gigantic dildos removes the freedom of parents to protect their children from sexual degeneracy.
  • Allowing women the freedom to “determine their own life choices” (including initiating “no fault” divorce) removes the freedom of men (and women for that matter) to maintain stable families.
  • Allowing Blacks the freedom to move into White neighborhoods removes the freedom of Whites to walk on the streets and feel safe.
  • Allowing religious minorities to demand the removal of traditional religious symbols and concepts from state institutions (including schools) removes the freedom of the majority to live in a culture consistent with their historical identity.
  • Allowing advertisers to use scientifically-designed systems of psychological manipulation to make you want to buy consumer products removes the basic freedom to control your own thoughts and emotions.

The most extreme example of this “new freedom” is “freedom of movement,” which allows foreigners to come into your country and rob you of the national resources you and your ancestors worked for.

Is this freedom? Or oppression? We'll need to ask the Jews.
Is this freedom? Or oppression? We’ll need to ask the Jews.

We have implemented insane forms of freedom. Modern democracies could just as easily start talking about “freedom to drive drunk” or “freedom to test nuclear weapons near populated areas.”

What we as a political movement must do is continue to work to break down the fake concepts which have been pushed onto our people in ways that are easy for them to understand.

We must meme them.

We must meme them all.