Germany: Subhuman Murders Coal-Burning Ex – Germans Actually Do Something

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

Well, well.

I always knew that it would be some misplaced White Knight knee-jerk reaction that would get the mass of normies to sit up and take issue with their cultural and ethnic displacement. Lo and behold, this is exactly what happened in Kandel.


The small German town of Kandel stood divided on Sunday as 1,000 protestors (in a town of only 8,500) gathered in the main square to stand either for or against refugees one month after a local teen was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend, an Afghan asylum seeker.

That’s a Charlottesville march right there. Some more details.

15-year-old Mia V. was stabbed to death with a kitchen knife in front of a drugstore on December 27, allegedly by her former boyfriend, also 15.

The boy arrived in Germany as an unaccompanied minor in the spring of 2016. He was moved to a juvenile care institution in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, where Kandel lies. After leaving that facility in September, he was put in the care of a supervised youth living group.

According to senior prosecutor Angelika Möhlig, the boy has been in a relationship with the girl for several months before she broke up with him in the beginning of December. Both Mia and her parents had gone to police about his harassing and threatening behavior.


Is it possible that she was literally getting harassed and raped by this sand-monkey and the media/town/parents are using the term “boyfriend” as a euphemism for “stalker?”

Great work with the posters by the way

Banners reading “Safety for us and our children” stood across from others saying “Stand up against racism,” as tensions rose in the packed streets.

‘We want security,’ said protesters in the town of Kandel, where a young girl was allegedly killed by her ex-boyfriend. Across the square, counter-protesters decried racism and xenophobia.

“Safety for our children” juxtaposed with “stand up against racism.”

In other words, Germans were given a choice. Loving your children or being against racism.

Put yourself in the mind of a normie for a sec. All of a sudden not wanting your children to be raped is racism? Maybe when they yell, “racist” what they really mean is “White person.”


Now, I know that some edgy tweens would rather these guys start marching with signs that said “Bring back the Third Reich” in response to this murder. What can I say except that stupid people suggest stupid things. These locals did a GREAT job with the slogans they chose. You have to make the other side come off as unhinged and unwell – not yours.

Your side must be the side of logic and reason. Of right against wrong. No vaguely menacing-sounding slogans, just “safety” and “stability” and “prosperity.”

And take a look at this.

These chicks are actually on our side.

If you make it about the children, at the very least you’ll get the married and the proud grannies to march on your side. The sluts and single moms will be in the liberal camp, but the normal women might actually give a shit about their progeny.

Nicely done, Kraut-bros and gals.

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  1. in a way, no sympathy for mudsharks

  2. Mein Gott, rural village of 8500 population und also splited up coz of shitskins. Europeans are total masochists…

  3. Sisu says:

    “…her former boyfriend, also 15.”

    HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! LOL! 15 my ass. Did the full grey beard give it away or was it the receding hair line? We had these motherfuckers work for us back when I was a manager/supervisor for the world’s largest pizza delivery chain back in the 80’s-90’s and they always were fired for sexual harassment . Every one of these inbred ugly bastards think they are a Don Juan and are violently offended when women rebuff their advances.

  4. Andy says:

    This case proves once again that people respond to emotional messages better than to people who merely show statistics and data. When people see their own children’s safety being threatened, their protective instinct kicks in, breaking the conditioning and the layers of propaganda.
    It reminds me of Mark Collet’s comments about Rotherham, regarding the rhetoric used to mobilize the victim’s parents. People didn’t respond to messages containing data with demographic shift percentages, and crime rates, but they had a sudden and visceral response when being shown singular cases involving actual people, instead of just numbers.

    We can see the left making good use of this tactic when they push their anti-white agendas, sensationalizing and instigating by focusing the attention on specific cases like Trayvon Martin or Mike Brown, going in depth about their personal life stories, creating an emotional connection between the viewer and their artificially created martyrs.

  5. there were 2500 people on our side, not 1000. it´s indeed a “thing” because it happened western Germany. this could be a starting point. and I doubt that the girl was in a “serious relationship” with this kebap. they don´t even release any pictures with both of them together. I mean when you´re a 15 years old girl and are “in love” with someone, the thots normally share a lot of pics on the internet with their new bf. she was forced to teach him german (bad enough that this happens) and I guess he took advantage of this sick situation. but she ended their “relationship” very quick. after that, he threatened her several times, so the parents reported this to the police. and surprise, surprise: the cops dindu nuffin. now she´s dead. well, I guess shit happens in Merkels Germany.
    next demonstration is in march, I´m gonna be there.

  6. No evidence whatsoever she burned the coal. When you’re 15, having a boyfriend doesn’t necessarily mean you’re banging the guy.

    And you a shouldn’t automatically assume she was unless 1) you’re a degenerate piece of shit or 2) you’re a good man whose mind just happens to be highly judacized. Because you’re weak, and because so is your whole family that you didn’t ever get straightened out.

    Take a clue, kebab killed the girl. Not putting out.

    Of course some will find any excuse not to put the blame on kebab where it belongs. Because you’re weak.

  7. This is absolute insanity to call this 15-year-old girl a coal-burner when the whole of the education system and media has been pushing her to befriend this boy and ‘be a good German’. Her parents probably didn’t put up any resistance either, and so she had no immunity to know to keep away. The narrative wants this to be a ‘domestic’ to deflect from the fact that these men are highly dangerous around women, but especially white women, and he should not have been in the school in the first place. Merkel caused this death, no-one else.

    She was 15 in occupied Germany, FFS.

  8. Andy says:

    This was a 15 year old girl. European teens are subjected to insane amounts of race mixing propaganda these days.

  9. What would happen if Germans finally said “enough is enough!” and snapped and started rallying together by the tens of thousands?

    thinking supernova

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