Germany: Moslem Gang Accused of Gang Raping Multiple Women in Düsseldorf

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

So the hajis “raped” these women, even though the women took them to their own hotel rooms and apartments?


It sounds to me like the sluts simply received more brown cock than they originally intended, and now they’re doing the usual “poor me” routine.

Infowars Europe:

German police are asking witnesses to come forward in an investigation of a foreign gang accused of gang-raping multiple women in Düsseldorf’s old town.

Four suspects, aged 24 to 29, reportedly lured at least two young women from outside nightclubs in 2018 and lured them to an apartment or a hotel room booked in the victim’s name where they would then assault the girls for hours.

“There, the perpetrators are said to have brutally passed on the women,” said authorities Tuesday. “The victims were [there] usually for several hours in the hands of the perpetrators, some of the deeds were also filmed by mobile phone.”

Earlier this year, the four suspects were arrested with three of them still in custody facing multiple sexual assault charges and the released fourth currently being targeted with a court-ordered warrant.

The gang, all of Moroccan, Lebanese or Palestinian descent, introduced themselves to their victims as “Jamal,” “Sammy,” “Momo” or “Bilal.”

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