Germany Lynches 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 7, 2016

It is real in the minds of the German people

It is real in the minds of the German people

Are there any Auschwitz guards in the audience tonight?

Get em up against the wall.


A 93-year-old former SS guard at the infamous Auschwitz death camp, involved in the deaths of 1,075 prisoners, will go on trial in Germany in April as the country races to prosecute aging Nazi criminals.

It’s a race to lynch their own old people!

It’s the moral thing to do!

As they cover-up mass gang-rape as part of official state policy!

The Hanau court made the announcement on Friday, without revealing the name of the accused, AP reported.

It was only said that the perpetrator, who is charged with being an accessory to murder, used to work at the Auschwitz camp in occupied Poland between November 1, 1942 and June 25, 1943.

According to a statement released by the court, at least three trains carrying deportees from Berlin, Drancy in France and Westerbork in the Netherlands arrived at the camp on his watch.

“Of the deportees, at least 1,075 people were cruelly and maliciously killed in the gas chambers after their arrival in Auschwitz,” the statement said.

This guy watched a train arrive 70 years ago! Lynch the senile old bastard!

Make it a top story, to remind the people why the government covers up gang-rapes as a part of state policy!

Three relatives of those, who lost their lives in Auschwitz have been accepted as co-plaintiffs in the case, the court added.

Despite being 93, the accused was found fit to stand trial by the medics, but the hearing will still be shortened to four hours a day.

Old man, look at my life, I’m a lot like you were – except I never gassed the kikes!


It’s going to be third trial of a member of former SS personnel from Auschwitz which has taken place since the start of the year.

A 94-year-old ex-guard and 95-year-old former medic are to stand before the court in Germany in February.

Both men are being charged with complicity in the killings of thousands of people at the camp.

Thousands! They killed thousands! Of innocent kikes!

And you German women want to whine about a few gang-rapes???? After what your ancestors did to these Jews 70 years ago?????

Pleeeeeease! Give me a break!

It’s sickening!

How dare you!

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