Germany: Kindergartens Removing Pork From Menus to Appease Islamic Terrorists

Daily Stormer
July 26, 2019

I’m very optimistic about this.

Krauts don’t really seem to care about their women and children getting gang-raped and killed by the invaders, but taking their bacon away might really make them go old-school and gas them all in fake shower rooms.

The Local:

A nationwide uproar was sparked this week after two eastern German kindergartens introduced a “pork-free” menu.

The decision to take pork of the menu was made “in consideration for a changing world,” according to the kitas (nurseries).

Yet many parents and community members took this to mean that the culinary change was being carried out for the school’s Muslim community – even though the word Muslim was not explicitly used.

But news spread quickly and several federal politicians from the centre-right Christian Democrats (CDU) and far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) then weighed in with attempts to persuade the kitas against the plan.

AfD vice-president Beatrix von Storch went so far as to call it “cultural subjugation”.

The hashtag #Schweinefleisch (pork) was used widely on Twitter both protest and to back up the decision. Local police were called on to protect both kitas after they received threats.

If those cops had any shred of honor, they’d be protecting the kids from Moslems, who are a threat even when they’re not trying to be.

“In what type of world do we live?” tweeted a Saxon Green Party politician in response to the “racist” demonstrations to be held against the decision.

Hey look, another (((Green Party))) politician concerned with something that has nothing to do with the environment.

Has anyone ever heard one of these (((Green))) people actually talk about anything that isn’t brown?

Wolfgang Schäfer, the director of both schools, suspended the “pork free” menu decision for the time being in response to the row.

Yet one father of a child at the kita wrote that there was not a full ban because children could still carry gummi bears (which often include gelatine from pork) with them to school, for example.

Rather, he wrote on Facebook, the school turned to inclusivity for all students, rather than exclusivity towards those who can’t – or don’t want to – eat pork.

“They haven’t started chopping your head off if you eat gummy bears yet, so what’s the problem, bigot?”

So why does it matter what’s on the menu in a kindergarten?

Germany’s top-selling daily Bild called pork a core part of German culture and that Muslims should and can learn to adjust.

Pork is a “success story” for Germany, according to news website bento. That makes banning it – for some people – seem like a direct insult to German culture. “Historically the animal is cheap to buy and keep. Almost every farming family could have one.”

“Food is very strongly connected with our cultural identity,” nutrition researcher Thomas Mohrs told Bento. He added that pork is considered “holy” in both Germany and Austria, especially in dishes such as Schweinebraten (roast pork) and Schnitzel.

So many useless words for something that should be very simple – just kick the fucking ragheads out of Germany.

Germany belongs to Germans, hence the name, and ragheads don’t belong there.

There’s a darker side to the debate too.

In videos released by far-right extremists in Germany’s, pork has been used as a symbol for national identity, especially following an influx of refugees in the last few years, many of whom come from Islamic countries.

These videos carry a subliminal message: “Where pork is eaten, the world is orderly,” writes bento.

Where’s the lie tho?

Scientific proof that if you don’t eat bacon, you turn into a subhuman

Ultimately, if that weren’t true, then these creatures wouldn’t be “refugees” in the first place, would they?

But this isn’t about bacon, although that’s very important.

This is about getting rid of every last one of the vermin infecting Europe, and of the kikes and traitors that infected us with them.

And Der Tag is coming.


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  1. The slippery slope is real. How long before the vegan retards take advantage of this retreat and push for all meat and dairy to be removed as well? Seriously, why wouldn’t they take advantage of the backwards momentum?

    Pork loin, hocks, roasts, schnitzel, pork sausage and, of course, bacon are foundational to European cuisine. Its generally cheaper than beef because it grows faster and pigs will eat just about anything.

  2. Really?

    @Staufer @ReinhardHeydrich1 can explain

  3. Patrick Schröder is the head of Ansgar Aryan. He is the head of many “right-wing concerts” too. He complains that most German Nationalists are just part of a subculture and not part of a serious political movement. It´s true. Many people prefer drinking and party.
    Despite the demographics, the “nationalist movement” is pretty stable.

    The other “youth group” are the Identitarian movement (alt light) with Martin Sellner.

    The rest are boomers like Pegida, (Tommy Robinson…), Volkslehrer and others…

    At the end of the day the nationalist movement is still far bigger than in the US. It has a big tradition.

  4. Don’t sent your kids to Kindergarten. If this is not possible look for a private owned, not state owned.

    Same with schools.

    Tactical libertarianism.

  5. Germans are patient people and Gutmenschen by default. But when we had enough it will be a shock for the enemy.

    Yeah, some non Germans will say: Hurr durr, all Germans have been reeducated after 1945 and all high T German men died in the world wars.

    1. Sure. But the national character is still the same. Don’t be a fool and believe that Germans under Hitler were complete different people. Hitler faced the same problems before becoming the chancellor as current nationalists. Germans were always like that (in abstract terms): We follow the rules and excuse a lot and are skeptical of revolutions and uprisings - of course the bad side of this can be seen today.
    2. Modern, mechanized and industrial war is a deadly gamble. If you survive or not is more fate than testosterone. Getting killed during a bombardment or in a storm of steel has nothing to do with your t level. Ernst Jünger admitted that. He survived a lot of bombings during the war by pure luck (or fate) - some guys were 3 meters more left and died because of that when the grenade exploded. Low t betas…

    Don’t ask me for a prediction. I don’t know when it’s going to happen, but we will reach a point where the lies of the system will be so obvious that even the most law abiding Germans cannot oversee them anymore.

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