Germany: Jews Catch Evil Nazi Grandma Who Asked for Evidence of Gas Chambers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 9, 2018

There is not a single “Holocaust denier” who wouldn’t accept that it happened if given the evidence.

What the media never tells you in these situation is that there is no evidence and that the mainstream Jewish academic establishment says “physical evidence is not needed” because they have eye-witnesses (Jews).

So the actual crime is asking for evidence.

A better term for “Holocaust denier” would be “Holocaust evidence asker forer.”

But yeah anyway, they will send old grandmas to prison for asking about these alleged gas chambers we are supposed to believe existed based on eyewitness accounts of lying Jews.

This particular grandma tried to avoid imprisonment… I think she should have fled somewhere and claimed “human rights” – because imprisoning someone for political speech does violate international human rights laws. And it would have brought more attention to the insane nature of sending some poor old granny to prison because she doesn’t believe eye-witness accounts of Jews.

But she’s old.

Very old.

The Independent:

A¬†‚ÄúNazi grandma‚Ä̬†who apparently went on the run rather than serve a jail sentence for¬†Holocaust denial¬†has been caught and put in a¬†German¬†prison.

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, had been due to report to prison to start a two-year sentence on May 2, but instead the authorities discovered she had vanished from her home in Vlotho, central Germany.

Prosecutors ordered police to find her, and the International¬†Auschwitz¬†Committee expressed its hope that hunt for the alleged fugitive was being conducted ‚Äúwith high pressure‚ÄĚ.

Have to highly pressurize these bad goyim, Mama Merkel.

Take those Pakistani cocks out of your orifices for a few minutes and catch this evil granny.

The German authorities, however, have now stated that Ms Haverbeck has returned home, and been apprehended and put in jail.

She will now serve the sentence handed down to her in August 2017 for writing in a far-right German magazine that Auschwitz had been a work camp, rather than the place where Hitler’s Nazis killed more than a million people.

Although this is the first time Haverbeck has seen the inside of a jail cell, she had racked up a string of convictions related to Holocaust denial, which is a criminal offence in Germany.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get more international attention on this.

Because normies do believe the Holocaust, but when you show them this story – that this old woman is being shoved in a jail cell (not even for saying “no holocaust happened” but specifically for saying there is no evidence of gas chambers at Auschwitz) – no normie is going to be like “oh yeah, sure – this is justice.”

Then if you look at the absolutely frothing-at-the-mouth vitriol with which these disgusting Jews have hounded and hunted this woman… you start to get a very negative impression of the Jewish people. Regardless of your previous knowledge of them.

Locking Down the Narrative

The Jews simply cannot afford to let some old granny question their insane, idiotic hoax.

The Jews have come up with this term “white fragility” to talk about whites who don’t like being attacked all the time and having their rights taken away. But you want to talk about fragility, look at the Holocaust.

This is the most retarded, nonsensical bunch of gibberish ever invented.

It is like a kids ghost story.

And not even a good kids ghost story – it’s like if the father is supposed to tell the ghost story, and he falls asleep, so the kids demand the oldest kid tell the ghost story – and the oldest kid is only 7.

“Holocaust history” is like a 7-year-old child telling a ghost story.

And it is the basis of the entire foundational narrative of modern Western civilization. So that’s like a skyscraper with a foundation made entirely out of marshmallow paste.

There has to be a constant reenforcement of the fact that if you question this stupid kiddie hoax, you will be crushed.

So they do shock and awe, like throwing a granny in prison for asking for evidence of gas chambers, to keep the lid on the hoax.

Because when people find out that the Jews hoaxed this thing – and they will, eventually – they are going to be pissed.

In fact, it will probably result in them wanting to actually gas the Jews for real this time. 

And it will cause us as a society to reevaluate the entire premise that white people cannot be allowed to have their own countries, because if they are allowed to do so they will begin to commit incomprehensible acts of pure evil.

Mass immigration, trannies, feminism – everything that is done because “white men are evil” – is based on the idiot ghost story of the Holohoax.

And when it comes down, the whole rotten structure collapses.

Here’s the nice lady in her own words (might have to turn on subtitles, but they’re there):

And here’s a documentary you need to take the time to watch to get the basics of how “Holocaust history” was written:

Here’s one specifically about the hoax of the gas chambers:

And this is my favorite, personally, showing these sneaky Jews lying in their own words:

These videos constantly get deleted, so if you need something to do, download and reupload them.

For great justice. 

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