Germany: Heroic Dark-Skinned Crusader Punches Left-Wing Mayor in the Face

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 18, 2019

Dieter Gummer.

Mein Gott, this sort of thing wasn’t supposed to happen!

Diversity was only supposed to enrich the goy polloi, not the liberal elites living in their affluent gated communities!

Infowars Europe:

Mayor of Hockenheim, a city in southwest Germany, was left bloodied and hospitalized after an unknown assailant punched him.

One politician has already died, and reports suggest that such attacks are becoming more common.

Dieter Gummer, a member of the left-wing Social Democratic Party, answered his door on Monday evening to find an unfamiliar face outside. The visitor punched the 67-year-old politician in the face, according to police in nearby Ludwigshafen.

Gummer fell on the floor and hit his head, requiring treatment in hospital. The culprit fled the scene.

The attacker was unknown to the mayor, and is described by police as a man of slim build, around 40 years old, with dark skin. More puzzling is the fact that Gummer is set to retire in August, and anyone disagreeing with his policies will get a chance to vote for his successor.

Police in the southern German town say they’re baffled as to the motive, and are “investigating in all directions.”

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