Germany: Epic Aryan Gelfling Kill Two Skesis Outside Crystal Tower – STREAM AVAILABLE [UPDATES]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 9, 2019


Okay, have the stream here:

And there is a MEGA download here, but it’s so big (870 mb) you need to pay them to download it:!fJlQlCpT!4M5LHaD5bgeiBpOAaD-rOlRtIvaQvJlVVxuuXsCKh4g!fJlQlCpT!4M5LHaD5bgeiBpOAaD-rOlRtIvaQvJlVVxuuXsCKh4g


This GAMER UPRISING was streamed on Twitch.

Meaning it was definitely white people.

Plus, the guy is obviously white.

He might be Polish or Russian, but he’s not a Moslem. So it’s safe to assume that the other guy is also white.

This picture is being passed claimed to be from the guy’s Twitch account:

I can’t tell if that’s the same guy in the above pic. That isn’t from the stream itself, so it might not be correct. But it seems to check out. Looks Polish or Russian (could be German too though, this is not an exact science).

We don’t have any copy of the 35 minute Twitch stream, currently. It is of course getting deleted from everywhere, but we’ll get a torrent up soon I’m sure.

There are people talking about the stream on 4chan and such who appear to have watched it that are saying that the kids were not very well prepared at all.

They had homemade guns, when a lot of people are reporting that you can get real guns in Germany from Eastern Europe for prices that are not super expensive.

People are saying the kids should have waited to save up money for real guns.

Apparently they also didn’t seem to know what they were doing and shot some fat person by accident.

And they had some weird incident at the kebab shop.

Anyway, to those of you who think that guy’s face, or these Jews dying, is funny, I just have one thing to say to you lot:

There is absolutely nothing funny about epic aryan gamer streams and there certainly is nothing funny about Gelfling Supremacy movements.

Gelfling have a sacred duty to protect Skesis in their Crystal Tower, because Skeksis do so much for Gelfling.

Original article follows.

I guess all it took was the Joker movie to get that whole “Nazi Germany” thing back on track!

Daily Mail:

At least two people have been killed after gunmen opened fire outside a synagogue in Germany on Yom Kippur – the holiest day in Judaism.

One woman died after two attackers, believed to be wearing a military-style uniforms, opened fire with a submachine gun in the city of Halle, eastern Germany, on Wednesday morning.

A grenade was also thrown into the Jewish cemetery before the attackers fled, Bild reported. Several others were wounded and rushed to hospital.

Police have since arrested one suspect, and told people to ‘stay alert’ while the manhunt continues.

An image has emerged showing what is believed to be the gunman dressed in black tactical gear, wearing a helmet walking through the street holding a long gun – either a shotgun or a rifle.

Video believed to be taken around the same spot shows a figure dressed in black climbing out of a car and unloading several shots from what appears to be a shotgun.

Each shot ejects a plume of grey smoke as the gunman stops to reload before firing again. Spent casings can be seen dropping to the ground behind him.

It is thought the attackers tried to flee in a taxi but were confronted by the driver and his wife, who were shot and have since been taken to hospital.

The attackers are then thought to have tried to flee on foot before one of them was arrested.

Konrad Rösler, a 28-year-old railway worker interviewed on German TV, said that he had been in a kebab shop when he saw a man with a helmet and military jacket launch the attack.

Rösler said the attacker threw a grenade at the shop, which bounced off the door frame, before he fired shots into the shop. He said he locked himself in the toilet and heard several more loud bangs before police arrived.

Speaking to NTV, a police spokesman said the motive of the suspect or suspects was not clear.

‘We don’t have any indication about the motive of this act.’

Sounds like the motive is that they hate Jews!

Might be that they hate them for no reason. Could also be that they hate them for their behavior.

Either way, attacking a synagogue is always sort of absurd looking to me. No normie understands what someone means when there is an attack on a synagogue, because a synagogue is a symbol of the Jewish religion and not one of the various power complexes that Jews are generally resented for.

Related: The Difference Between a Mosque Shooting and a Synagogue Shooting

If people were actually attempting to draw attention to Jewish power with a shooting like this, they would go after actual centers of Jewish power, such as banks, the media, lobbying groups, Jewish immigration groups, Soros-type academic groups, various other industries that Jews run, and so on.

That guy who shot up the Pittsburgh synagogue last year actually wrote about the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society helping flood America with brown waste, then instead of shooting up HIAS, went and shot a bunch of old people at the local synagogue.

This one image of a corpse from the Halle shooting definitely shows that it’s an old person – again.

I don’t think these kinds of events are helpful at all either way, but you have to ask why it is that it is always random powerless people who end up shot in these shootings.

And especially just after Joker, when the protagonist was cheered on for killing Jew bankers.

Of course, maybe the shooters were Moslems.

I doubt it though. Moslems get higher death counts when they go in with guns. Plus the synagogue shooting is a right-wing meme now. And Moslems wouldn’t have the poetic taste to do it on Yom Kippur, the holiest Jew day and a day upon which they traditionally kidnapped and sacrificed a Christian child (and very likely still do in many districts).

The upshot of this is going to be a massive crackdown, of course. Even whilst Germany has nearly reached peak crackdown, they will figure out a way to shut it down further as they continue their journey to the crackdown singularity.

And that’s whatever. People can say that a crackdown might or might not lead to some or some other outcome. We don’t really know, because this is the first time in human history that a scientific control grid like we have now has ever been implemented. We are just going to have to wait and observe the sociological effects.


Our resident German believes this was likely a staged operation by German intelligence.

He gave the following response:

Attacking a synagogue is the biggest waste of time and absolutely worst optics.

This whole thing is most likely some glow nigger shit. I mean, these guys were heavily armed – they even had grenades – but failed to get into the fucking synagogue.

I don’t buy this.

It wouldn’t be the first time the feds would be doing something like this over here. (Just google NSU, the 1980 Oktoberfest bombing, etc…)

And, surprise, surprise, now we have a new “Nazi terror attack” and everyone can forget about the Moslem with his truck rampage yesterday in Limburg. And all the other shit happening almost every week. Nazi Terror is our biggest threat!

Oh, and for the election in the neighboring state next week: I’m sure the attackers already donated to the AfD at some point.

I think that is as likely as anything else, at least on the face of it.

It is also possible that they were naive kids who were angry at Jews and wanted to be heroes but didn’t really think things through.

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