Germany: Five Rapeugees Arrested for Gang Rape Of 7-Year-Old

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 21, 2017

Women as a whole are known for their skill in rationalizing the irrational. Without strong male authority figures, this is especially dangerous due to the female herd mentality.

Not one feminist organization in the world opposes the invasion of Europe by millions of sex-crazed and out of control Arab and black adult men! This intellectual inconsistency is not a bug, but a feature. Look up a list of the most well-known and influential 1960s feminist pioneers and it looks like a Brighton Beach Medicaid fraud indictment!

It is the nations with gun-point imposed feminism that girls and women, whether they’re 7 or 90, are the least safe. The fat, tattooed, blue haired barren malcontents that act as middle managers for Jewish power in places like Germany have no authentic concern for women. They instead exist for the sole purpose of holding men down while our women and girls are gang-raped right in front of our eyes.

Daily Star:

Cops are probing a “serious sexual assault” at the Central Initial Reception Center (ZEA) for refugees in the Hamburg, reports say.

The alarm was reportedly raised on Tuesday evening shortly after 7pm.

A girl, aged seven, is thought to be the victim of the alleged group sex attack, German newspaper BILD reported.

Five Arabs have reportedly been accused of carrying out the alleged assault.

Public prosecutor Nana Frombach told BILD: “We have initiated a case against five persons.

“There had been no urgent need for action. The investigation will continue.”

Even when feminists address incidents like this, it always ends up the same: blame the white patriarchy.

The “intersectionality” of Jewish front groups (feminist, anti-racists, leftist groups) and Saudi/Turkish-sponsored Orientalists means we won’t know the full extent of what is going on in Germany until the Merkel regime and all its affiliates are deposed.

Whether the 7-year-old victim is German or otherwise (this information is omitted, but it is very unlikely she’s the same race as the Arab attackers) is besides the point. These immigrants value human life and dignity differently, and there is no assimilation scheme, courtesy iPads or classes that will change that. It’s true that there are also some sick whites that will molest a child too, but these kinds of group attacks are a product of an African or Pakistani sexual instinct.