Germany: Antifa Accidentally Assault Leftists

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 23, 2017

It’s actually shocking that this doesn’t happen more often.

You would kind of expect it to happen more often.


Six people were seriously injured in a mass brawl in front of “Conne Island” on Friday evening. It was all only a misunderstanding.

According to BILD’s information around 20 masked individuals used batons and pepper spray to attack a group of young people (17 to 26) from Thuringia who wanted to visit an anti-racist concert.


“Due to their clothing, the six youths were not allowed in,” said a police spokesman. Apparently they were considered right-wingers. Afterwards they bought “scene” T-shirts in Conne Island and wanted to get changed in their car.

On the way there they were attacked by the masked persons and seriously injured. Their car was also damaged. The attackers got away.

You would perhaps think that this sort of incident would make leftists think: “hey, maybe this whole ‘political violence’ thing isn’t such a great idea after all.”

You would be wrong.

They don’t have any choice. In every western country, the tides are turning, so the system must train these violent thugs to send out on the street and randomly attack people they think disagree with the government.

There is no room for debate or discussion. It simply must be shut down. That is the only option.

We could call this the “Holocaustification of politics,” given that it has always been the policy on the Holocaust that debate simply is not allowed – you have to accept the story as it is told to you, or you will be silenced by any means necessary.

The left’s political ideology was terrible to begin with, of course, it’s simply that they were able to sell it as untested.

The current argument for communism is that it has never actually been tried, and that Russia, China, Cambodia, etc. were not really communism. That is a stupid enough argument that you cannot get very many people to go along with literal communism anymore – people know that it has been tried and they know the results of it.

However, when they were arguing “open your borders and flood yourselves with illiterate, inbred brown rapists from the Middle East,” they could genuinely say “it’s never been tried” (although it technically had been tried in France, people generally consider the French to be inept).

Well, now it has been tried, and we know the results of it.

So given that the results are now known, how can you keep pushing for that policy when people are like, “well, these people are raping and murdering us on the streets while costing us billions of dollars…”?

You have to stop people from being able to voice facts.

Hence: state-backed street gangs who attack anyone who questions the government.

The cutest thing though is that these women and faggots, while literally using violence to enforce globalist state policy, pretend to be “rebels.”

In fact, they are the Jewish Police.

Translation via Diversity Macht Frei.