German State Broadcaster Says Assad Gassing was “Most Likely Staged”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2018

Germans are the lords of poz, but for some reason they’re not required to go along with the war agenda in the Middle East.

I guess basically that is consistent with their “purity of the brown races” ideology.

Or maybe it just relates to the fact that they’re not really allowed to have a military.

Zero Hedge:

A senior correspondent for German state media broadcast¬†ZDF heute¬†stunned his European audience during a report from on the ground in Syria when he gave a straightforward and honest account of his findings while investigating what happened in Douma.¬†The veteran reporter, Uli Gack, interviewed multiple eyewitnesses of the April 7 alleged chemical attack and concluded of the testimonials,¬†“the Douma chemical attack is most likely staged, a great many people here seem very convinced.”

It appears that all local Syrians encountered by the German public broadcast reporter were immediately dismissive of the widespread allegation that the Syrian government gassed civilians, which the US, UK, France, and Israel used a pretext for launching missile strikes on Damascus.

ZDF heute: The world continues to puzzle over whether the banned chemical weapons were used in Douma. ZDF correspondent Uli Gack is in Syria for us: “you were in a large refugee camp today and talked to a lot of people – what did you hear about the attack there?” Gack responded,¬†“the Douma chemical attack is most likely staged, a great many people here seem very convinced.”

The German ZDF report is¬†consistent with veteran British journalist Robert Fisk’s investigation upon being the first Western journalist to gain access to the site in Douma.¬†Fisk¬†reported¬†early this week, “There are the many people I talked to amid the ruins of the town who said they had ‘never believed in’ gas stories‚Äďwhich were usually put about, they claimed, by the armed Islamist groups.”

ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is one of Germany’s largest and oldest state-owned channels, which is funded in part through citizens paying a household licensing fee, and¬†Heute¬†is perhaps the most visible public news program in all of Germany.

According to the live report,¬†some witnesses told ZDF¬†that¬†Islamist rebels killed victims with chlorine, filmed the scenes, then claimed an ‘Assad chemical attack’.¬†Though interviewing “a great many people [who] seem convinced” that a chemical attack did not actually happen, the reporter did not attempt to censor what he consistently heard from locals who were said to be in the area when the events occurred.

Increasingly, it appears that mainstream media gate-keepers are losing it over the fact that so many highly visible and respected reporters and broadcasters have featured reports this week which publicly question the Syrian chemical attack narrative and US coalition missile strikes that followed.

One writer for the¬†Guardian¬†and¬†Daily Beast¬†who is a well-known pro regime-change advocate, for example,¬†laments that “disinformation has taken hold” on Syria. In a series of tweets following Robert Fisk’s bombshell report for the¬†Independent, Emma Beals, who often simply parrots whatever her ‘rebel’ sources tell her reacted to the recent profusion of high profile pundits questioning the established narrative¬†on major British platforms.

I don’t know that this really matters.

I don’t think anyone really believes the Assad gas hoaxes. And no one really has to, other than the lowest common denominator of baby boomers in the United States. As long as “Nikki Haley” can convince a bunch of patriotarded boomers that Assad gassed babies just because he’s a mean person, then we can have WWIII if Trump decides to go along with it.

The French and British were overwhelmingly against their own countries’ involvement in the recent bombings of Damascus, but it just didn’t matter. Their leaders were just like “oh no, we’re doing it anyway, because of human rights and this YouTube video of babies on oxygen machines. Sorry.”

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