German Railway Goes Full 4th Reich, Names Passenger Car “The Anne Frank”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 1, 2017


Like many of you, I was forced to read the diary of Anne Frank in school by an overweight cat lady. I know all about Anne Frank, enough to understand that she had it coming.

The entire diary is her describing her boring middle-class Jew life, talking about her girl-crush on her girlfriend and complaining about Nazis. It was also written in ballpoint pen. Which is rather strange, you have to admit.

A family of Dutch people or Belgians (I can’t remember) kept them in their attic.

After awhile, I figured they got tired of the constant noise of dreidel spinning, coin-tossing and furious hand-rubbing from scheming against the Goyim and they called the Nazis up to round up the rodent problem in the attic.

Then it was off to the camps to do hard labor instead of sitting around in a nice penthouse loft, sucking up the goodwill and money of their hosts. Presumably, they were put in a train to get to that nice camp with “work sets you free” written on its gates.

If I know all this, there is no way that some German bureaucrat living in the Occupied Territories doesn’t know that.


Critics say that the way the Deutsche Bahn (DB) has chosen to commemorate Frank is at least controversial and insensitive, given the story of the girl diarist’s life and death. Frank was arrested along with her family in Amsterdam, occupied by the Nazis at the time, and deported by train from the Netherlands to the infamous Auschwitz death camp in 1944. She died months later in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in February or March 1945, aged just 15.

The unfortunate role which trains played in the fate of the world-famous Jewish teenager makes the naming distasteful and creates unnecessary parallels with Germany’s Nazi past, the Amsterdam-based Anne Frank foundation said in a statement.

All I got from that was that trains are anti-semitic. We should spread that meme.

I honestly think that the problem emerged from the Germans being just too autistic to understand how this could be offensive. Jews get offended at everything, but c’mon, this German blunder was pretty lulzy, you have to admit.

And as long as it gets people chuckling under their breath, even if they have shed crocodile tears in public, it’s a step in the right direction. Humor is the most effective form of destroying sacred cows and social taboos. The German railway manager – this unsung hero – who made the decision to name a car after Anne Frank was doing God’s work, whether he knew it or not.

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