German Politician Now Officially Considered ASSASSINATED by Based German Patriot

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2019

We covered this story when it came out and are on the record stating that Walter Lübcke had a voracious appetite for migrant cock and that he was likely murdered by one of these vicious sand apes in the aftermath of a gay interracial orgy gone wrong.

However, new details have come to light.


German police say they have arrested a man in connection with the shooting of politician Walter Lübcke earlier this month.

Lübcke was a member of Angela Merkel’s ruling CDU and president of the Kassel district, some 100 kms northeast of Frankfurt. He was shot in the head at close range on June 2. Lübcke had previously received death threats from far-right extremists after he voiced his support for Chancellor Merkel’s 2015 decision to open Germany’s borders to refugees.

Authorities say a 45-year-old man was arrested this weekend based on DNA evidence and remanded in custody. According to two German newspapers, the suspect has connections to right-wing extremists.

Six days after Lübcke’s murder a man was arrested but later released without charge. 

Who is this mystery man that was arrested but then released until a convenient right-wing connection was found?

Speculation abounds.

See, Walter Lübcke has a gay-looking face and that logically implies that he is a filthy homosexual sodomite.

It is not unreasonable then to surmise that the police found Walter Lübcke’s gay lover from doing a DNA analysis of the semen found drying in Walter’s dead asshole and then tracked the first suspect down.

They then switched tracks to pursuing a phantom right-wing connection when they saw thousands of ordinary Germans celebrating his death online because he was an anti-White scumfuck bastard who deserved far, far worse than what happened to him.

So I’m not buying it. 

I stand by my original thesis that Lübcke was murdered by his gay migrant lover after he foolishly began berating him for not using enough lube in the middle of the act. Furious that his power bottom had the temerity to speak to him at all, the gay brown migrant no doubt murdered Lübcke then and there, confident that the German Cuck Patrol (police) would find a White guy to blame the crime on instead.

While I readily admit that some of my reporting is a bit high on the hyperbole count, at this point I don’t think I’m being unreasonable in my assessment of the situation.

There’s no way that this guy didn’t have a gay lover if he is a conservative and espousing such radical anti-German views. Seriously. It doesn’t make sense. If he’s not a Jew, he has to be a homo.

The rest, I admit, is still up in the air. 

But the gay lover story will hold water and be swept under the rug, just you watch.

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  1. MYNYM says:

    If it was pick your own narrative day, I would choose to believe that right wing militants are on the rise in Germany.

    But that does seem unlikely. All the white infighting that white ethnic groups did and were incited to do by Jews left the Germans spayed and neutered more than any other group of whites. Sad but true.

    There’s typically too much infighting. It’s like white nationalists in a trailer park/in jail fighting among themselves.

    If a group can carry some infighting then it’s actually healthy. But everyone is typically way past the carrying capacity of the group now… It’s as if ancient whites were engaged in mock battles with wooden swords and then they got so upset that they got out real swords and slaughtered each other. Then a group of effeminate nomadic thieves came in and ruled the maimed white survivors that couldn’t figure out a way to stop fighting. It’s absurd.

  2. Lubcke

    Story checks out.

  3. He also looks like a child molester, so there’s that angle too. Most of these German politicians are probably involved in elite pedophile networks. Maybe someone in the network thought he was a loose end that needed cleaning up. In that case you’d obviously want to find a convenient “right-wing extreeeeeemist” patsy to throw everyone off the scent.

  4. A DNA test takes some time. It´s not like in CSI Miami. I have the info, that the supect is definetly from our circles. Maybe he is innocent. I still celebrate the death of the traitor.

  5. I will in no way condone or promote this behavior, but this is the kind of action that tends to be taken by a silenced and disenfranchised minority who has no ability to speak freely or petition their government for a redress of grievances.

    Moreover, and while once again disavowing these types of actions in the strongest possible terms, from an academic standpoint, this kind of political act is significantly more effective than simple terrorist attacks on unarmed civilians.

  6. from doing a DNA analysis of the semen found drying in Walter’s dead asshole

    You just could not pay me enough to be the guy with the swab.

    “Hey, Danno, did you remember to swab the dead guy’s asshole for his homo lover’s cum?”
    “Yeah chief, I will…right after I get done eating my egg salad sandwich.”

  7. I’m sure they select some faggot for the position of “asshole semen swabber.”

    Unpleasant job, but it must be done.

  8. I also doubt this. They’re just picking a scapegoat, so that they can blame muh ebil Nadsis

    Just like NSU in 2011 - allegedly a neon nazi death squad that has killed several moslems in the 00s, but it’s probably just a hoax made by the intelligence to construct a threat of “nazi violence”

  9. How do they go right?

  10. The good news is, is that our enemies are now the government, and we are the “traitors”; ready to betray this globohomo, devil-worshipping circus train. And we intend to play for keeps, so that the process of us forgetting after a while & allowing ourselves to be subject to (((the spell))) once again will not repeat itself, ever again. This system is so corrupt that towards the very end of its dark & limited days, only those who are truly evil will be left defending it, which will of course make our job much easier.

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