German Police Working Overtime; Nazi Sympathizer Interrogated for Having Braided Hair

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 1, 2019

After a wave of terror in Germany targeting Christmas markets and young under-aged girls, the police certainly had its work cut out for it.

It was time to start sniffing out right-wing Germans.

In the video, some THOTy looking German woman describes her interrogation by the police outside the Christmas market at Chemnitz.

The police want to know about her right-wing political views and whether she’s harboring anti-multikulti thoughts behind those innocently twisted locks of blond hair.

Scary stuff.

Whatever the reigning orthodoxy of the time is, the German will go along with it, it seems.

Although, I suppose that’s a bit harsh. The police everywhere are anti-White. But I haven’t heard of American police targeting White people for their haircuts yet.

Everything is always better organized in Germany.

This braided hair thing seems to be being pushed by a centralized committee. The same people who write the propaganda for kids probably tell the police who to arrest in Germany as well.

Naturally, you would think that the Germans would be more focused on the Moslem terror threat… but you would be wrong.

In fact, there haven’t been any terror attacks for a while now. Sporadic knifings and the run-of-the-mill brown crime, sure. But no big attacks.


I suppose the police made a deal with the terrorists. Whatever the Moslems wanted, Merkel probably gave it to them and peace returned to Germany.

Now, precious resources can be rediverted back to the issues that matter – like sniffing out right-wing sympathizers and framing them for goofy bullshit.

Merkel and her people are terrified that there might be a massive backlash to their policies.

Moslems can’t take over Germany just yet. Not with more than 80% of Germany still German. But the populist-right? They certainly have a chance.

So it’s clampdown time.

Merkel is going to spend whatever’s left of her reign running around putting out fire after fire.

Praying that something like the Yellow Vests doesn’t come to Germany as well.