German Nazis Halt Arms Sales to Saudi – Direct Attack on the Jewish People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 22, 2018

Prince Salman, who is known to many Westerners by his famous nickname “MbS.” 

Haven’t Germans killed enough Jews?

Now they want to enable the extermination of the six million Jews that live in Israel by Iranians by cutting arms to Saudi Arabia? Just because one journalist-terrorist got Pulp Fictioned?


The Hill:

The German government has halted further arms exports to Saudi Arabia in the midst of an investigation into the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Reuters reported that German economy minister Peter Altmaier said the government is “in agreement” that it will not approve additional arms exports and would make a decision “very soon” on whether to roll back previously agreed to deals with the Saudis.

The decision came shortly after German Chancellor Angela Merkel voiced support for ending weapons exports to Saudi Arabia following Khashoggi’s death.

Good ol “six million more” Merkel. smdh. 

Altmaier called on other European Union members to take similar action, arguing that Germany acting alone would limit the message to Riyadh.

“Only if all European countries are in agreement, it will make an impression on the government in Riyadh. It will not have any positive consequences if we halt arms exports but other countries at the same time fill the gap,” he said, according to Reuters.

If you need more proof that Germans are the Amaleks sent to destroy the Jewish people after this, then I simply do not know what to tell you.

This is why Yahweh commanded the Jews to genocide these people.

This is so important that it cannot be restricted simply to Yiddish and Hebrew – no, it’s so important that rabbis literally have to say in English that they have to wipe out the Germans.