German Military Orders Barracks Inspection After Finding Cool Nazi Stuff!

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2017

The empowered feminist German Defense Minister Usrula von der Leyen is none to pleased about this horrible racism!

This is perhaps the worst scandal to ever hit the German military! It turns out that there were real life German soldiers who possessed cool Nazi stuff in their barracks!


The top brass of the German military has ordered an inspection of all of its barracks after discovering Nazi-era memorabilia at two of them, the defence ministry said Sunday.

“The inspector general of the Bundeswehr (Germany’s armed forces) has ordered an inspection of all of its properties in order to see if any of them contain memorabilia of the Wehrmacht and if so, to remove it,” a defence ministry spokesman told AFP.

The Wehrmacht was the army which served the Nazi regime.

The move follows a growing scandal over far-right leanings of some within the German military which has shaken the army and the defence ministry over the past two weeks.

Details emerged in late April following the arrest of a 28-year-old soldier stationed at a Franco-German base near Strasbourg who had expressed far-right extremist views and was plotting an attack disguised as a Syrian refugee.

Following his arrest, Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen scrapped a trip to the United States and went to his base in Illkirch in northeastern France.

There, officials found Wehrmacht memorabilia openly displayed in the common room without any apparent effort to remove it.

How shocking! There was Wehrmacht memorabilia displayed out in the open! Worst thing ever right? Well not quite! It gets worse!

The ministry, which has banned such symbols, then discovered other Wehrmacht items at another base in southwestern Germany.

– ‘Giant swastika’ –

Press reports also referred to another incident at the Illkirch base in 2012 when German soldiers painted a huge swastika on the floor of the base to provoke their French counterparts ahead of a football match between Bayern Munich and Lille.

That’s right folks there was a GIANT SWASTIKA! They discovered a GIANT SWASTIKA! How does such a thing happen in 2017? I honestly can’t believe it!

The GIANT SWASTIKA looked something like this only painted on the floor!

The empowered independent feminists that run the German military need to address this problem immediately. We cannot have German men in the German military possessing cool Nazi stuff! Just by possessing cool Nazi stuff gives German men pride in their nation.

The last time Germans had pride in their nation it led to trillions of Jews getting gassed in cleverly disguised shower rooms that were really gas chambers. We know this because we were told so by several very very very honest Jewish people. We also have the Jew produced movie Schindler’s List which proves that all of these things definitely happened!

Since all German men are Nazis they need to immediately remove all German men from the military. I’m highly confident that the German military would be far better off if they only allow women and transgender freaks to serve in uniform. That will put an end to the Nazi problem once and for all and ensure that the German nation is better defended. After all, the most effective military powers are the ones that are the most inclusive and tolerant!