Georgia: School Children Attacked as “Racists” for Not Wanting Foreign Parasite on the Bus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2015

School children in Georgia are being attacked by the media for taking issue with a potential terrorist on their school bus.  A Sikh boy, who is for some reason no one but the Jews understands living in Georgia, recorded kids on the bus calling him a terrorist, apparently with his phone.

The video has now gone viral, and the kids are being defamed as evil across international media.

Hey Britain - how about you do something about the thousands of little White girls being sex trafficked by Pakis in your country, then you can come tell us what evil racists our kids are.
Hey Britain – how about you do something about the thousands of little White girls being sex trafficked by Pakis in your country, then you can come tell us what evil racists our kids are.

These kids, who are probably about ten years old, have been more indoctrinated into anti-racism than any group of kids of history has ever been indoctrinated into anything.  On top of this, they are too young to have formulated their own opinions on an issue.  Thus, what you are seeing here is purely primal behavior, directly from the reptilian brain.

Triune brain
Triune brain

It is purely instinctive to view an alien outsider as a threat.  Condemning little kids as racist for acting on instinct is the true evil, and those attacking these kids are the worst type of monster.

Chanting with the Blacks

Note here that there are also Black kids, on the side of the Whites, calling out this potential terror-child with the towel thing on his head.  There are several reasons it works this way.

Firstly, we Negroes are different than all other races, as on a fundamental level, they are incapable of organizing in a way that is threatening to the highly complex structure of White society, unless they have Jews helping them organize; this has led to situations in history where it has been possible to maintain a Negro minority (or, in South Africa, a majority) as a symbiotic entity within a White society without serious problems.

Second, we have a hundreds of years long relationship with our Negro population, which has led to certain dynamics, which again, if the Jew stays out of it, tend to basically work.  We respect one another’s boundaries.

Third, Negroes have lived in our society, and understand certain social cues.  They also do not have a completely foreign demeanor, and don’t wear foreign tribal symbols (which are recognized, on a subconscious level, as aggressive).

Given these factors, the primitive White mind, when the Negro is a minority as it was on the bus, does not single out the Negro as a definite threat, nor does the Negro perceive Whites that way.  As such, it is only logical that when an entirely foreign entity is introduced into the body – this towelhead child – it is only natural that both Blacks and Whites would view it as a dangerous element.

Whitey in Brown Land

I have spent time in non-White countries, and can say definitively that they will react to you in the same way as these kids reacted to the Sikh kid if anything ever gets hot.  One time in North Africa (Arabian Africa) I was being followed by a small boy harassing me, wanting money, for several hours (literally at least 140 minutes).  Eventually, I lost it, and turned and cursed at him.  Immediately, I was surrounded by the entire street, probably thirty people, and was grabbed, told I had to apologize to the boy immediately.  I of course did apologize, as I am White and it is my policy to always be respectful to locals in foreign countries – not to mention that I didn’t want to get beat up.

Similar things have happened to me in Asia; in Asia it is very unlikely you will get beaten up by a crowd, they will call the police in to do that, or to arrest you – and in every Asian country (save Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore, for obvious reasons), any local can call and have you arrested and/or beat up by the cops for any reason.

It is simply an obvious fact that foreign elements have foreign collective interests, and that at any point, these foreign collective interests may conflict with your own.  That is what these children were feeling.  A natural drive to expel a foreign element which represented a foreign collective with competing interests and was thus a potential or real threat.

It is only White people who do not have the concept of racism as natural.  Only White people are capable of internalizing the bizarre concept that behavior patterns they are born with are morally wrong.  This is, of course, a corruption of the concept of “original sin,” and something I plan to write more about in the near future.

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