Georgia: Negro Savage Kills Local White Businessman Outside Gainesville Pharmacy

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
February 12, 2019

DeMarvin Bennett.

The media describe the victim as a philanthropist who “gave a lot to the community.”

Clearly, it was time for Gainesville’s “community” to give him something back in return.


Police have made an arrest in the shooting death of a well-known businessman outside a CVS in Hall County.

Businessman Jack Hough, 73, died after he was shot in the parking lot while his wife was inside the store off Parkhill Drive.

Gainesville police announced they arrested 24-year-old Demarvin Bennett of East Point around 2 a.m. Sunday. Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish said Bennett is not connected with any other crimes recently in the area, but he does have a record.

Police believe Bennett approached Hough, who had his car window open, in an attempt to carjack or rob him and the two began to struggle. Hough was shot in the chest and rushed to a hospital, where he died.

Parrish said officers also found what they believe is the gun used to kill Hough.

Hough, an Air Force veteran, was well-known in the community. He built a hugely successful business developing and operating food courts in malls and airports across the country. He was also a big philanthropist.

Bennett is currently being held in the Hall County without bond and cooperating with police. He will have a preliminary hearing set for later in the week.

Jack Hough.