Georgia: MLK Statue to Replace That of Tom Watson

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 4, 2015

Old American hero
New American hero
New American hero

Back in 2013, Jews and other undesirables successfully lobbied to have a statue of anti-Semitic and racist hero Tom Watson outside of the statehouse in Atlanta torn down. The League of the South protested against it, but alas.

Following this, as a kind of sick joke, the Democrats lobbied to have the statue replaced with that of the disreputable Black bastard Martin Luther King. They are now going through with their plan.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Martin Luther King Jr.’s statue will soon rise on the statehouse grounds, just a few steps from a new plaza where demonstrations are now held.

State Rep. Calvin Smyre, a Democrat tasked with coordinating the statue, told the Georgia Building Authority Monday that the eight-foot statue will be atop a three-foot base and include inscriptions from the civil rights leader on all four sides. It will overlook the busy road that bears his name, a short walk from the just-opened Liberty Plaza.

The sculptor selected to design the statue is Andy Davis, a Georgia artist whose signature work so far is a life-size bronze statue of Ray Charles that stands in Albany, the famed singer’s birthplace. It will likely take six to seven months for Davis to finish the job, meaning it could be ready around the same time lawmakers return to the Capitol.

The statue, which will cost an estimated $350,000, is years in the making. But the latest update comes at a tumultuous time. Georgia is wrestling anew with its Confederate heritage in the wake of the murders of nine black worshippers at a Charleston church by a white man who told police he wanted to start a race war.

After Deal signed an order in 2013 to remove a statue of Tom Watson, a segregationist U.S. Senator known for his racist attacks on blacks, several Democratic leaders pushed him to replace it with a statue of King.

Martin Luther King is considered a hero for the Blacks mainly because he is one of the only Black people ever to be able to speak normal English. Despite his linguistic abilities, however, MLK was an active communist literally trained in communism at communist school.

King at Jewish communism school
King at Jewish communism school

He has also been found to have absolutely definitely committed plagiarism in his doctoral dissertation, which means he technically should not even be called “Dr.” anymore, but the snakes at Boston University refuse to strip him of his degree. Black privilege.

King also plagiarized material of others in his famous speeches. No one disputes this, they just don’t talk about it.

The least of his crimes, King was also a serial adulterer/whoremonger, which indicates he was hardly a very good Christian or role model more generally. The FBI tapped his hotel room when he was having sex with a White hooker, and during the act he shouted “Oh yeah, I’m fuckin for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!”

Tom Watson, on the other hand, is a fantastic role model who fought for his people against their enemies, didn’t rip anyone off, was not a communist and probably was not a serial adulterer. Outside of any issues of race, the fact that a statue of a just and good man would be replaced with one of a career criminal demonstrates that we are a society in regression.

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