Georgia: Hominid Wanted for the Homicide of 20-Year-Old White Man

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2019

Arkeem Brown.

Let’s hope the Animal Patrol Officers find and tranquilize this escapee ASAP.


A fatal shooting Monday night claimed the life of a 20-year old man, identified by his family as Johnathan Harmon.

Harmon’s sister tells News 3 she believes her brother was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It’s funny how “the wrong place at the wrong time” invariably means “anywhere that has blacks.”

“We’re all really really shocked and a little broken. Our mom was shot 3 years ago and so it’s been hard as a family holding it all together, but you’ve got each other and it’s hard to do it all over again especially since he’s so young,” said Jackie Harmon.

Chatham County Police say the victim was found shot to death behind a convenience store on Fort Argyle Road in Bloomingdale Monday night.

“We know he was hanging out with one of his friends. They heard something in the woods, and they shined a flashlight to see what was happening. The kids in the woods weren’t doing what they were supposed to. They got scared and shot whoever shined the flashlight on them and it happened to be my little brother,” said Harmon.

Police say they have located the person of interest identified as 23-year old Arkeem Brown. Officials have not made an arrest yet.

Harmon tells News 3 her brother was set to celebrate his 21st birthday next month.

Johnathan Harmon.

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