Georgia Cop Fired for Doing His Job and Detaining Black Suspect by Any Means

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
June 8, 2018

I don’t see the problem here. A suspect was fleeing on foot and this White cop had no other real option to catch him. This guy was just fired for getting the job done.

The nog will probably get a large cash settlement and immunity for the crime he committed.


A Georgia police officer has been fired after officials concluded he used excessive force and violated department protocol when he intentionally rammed his vehicle into a fleeing suspect.

Body-camera video released over the weekend shows Officer Taylor Saulters, 23, from Athens-Clarke Police Department swerving his patrol car toward Timmy Patmon, a 24-year-old black man who was wanted on non-violent felony drug probation charges. Patmon was transported to a hospital and treated for non life-threatening injuries, and was later taken into custody, Athens-Clarke Police Department said in a statement. “The extent of Patmon’s injuries were scrapes and bruises,” the police department said in a statement on Facebook. “Patmon is charged with violating his probation and obstructing a law enforcement officer.”

Public information officer Epifanio Rodriguez told VICE News that an internal affairs investigation found that Saulters, a rookie who graduated from police academy less than a year ago, violated the department’s policy by using “an excessive amount of force.”

“Officer Saulters used poor judgement in using his patrol vehicle as a means to apprehend a fleeing suspect,” the internal affairs report stated. “There are no facts that were uncovered that would have led to the justification for this level of use of force in this incident.”

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