George R.R. Martin in the Hot Seat, Asked Why He’s a Racist

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2019

What an interview.

If you want to watch a fat old man awkwardly shuffle around in his chair, mangling his mic in the process, I highly recommend watching this Q & A.

But I’ll also summarize it to you. 

In short, Martin gets asked why he’s such a racist and he flops around for a bit like an overweight Magikarp before eventually saying that his books were less racist than the show that the kikes over at HBO produced – so don’t blame him!

Also: “Dothraki” is apparently pronounced doth-rack-ai. Yet another detail that those pernicious Jews messed up. Oh well.

But yeah, the main problematic element was that whole Daenerys Targaryen scene in Slaver’s Bay.

You know, the one scene that spawned all those memes.

The problematic part was the fact that all of the slaves were brown people, and Daenerys was a “white savior.”

That was from the first season in 2011, and that sort of thing just isn’t allowed anymore.

Martin was asked why he was such a White Supremacist for creating this scene by the tranny moderator.

Naturally, he just blamed the HBO Jews for it, saying that in his book, there were plenty of White slaves (and I’m sure he made it a point to make sure that there were plenty of White slaves because he’s 1/4 Jewish and enjoys that sort of thing).

The audience begins to warm-up to him at this point and the questioner has to back down.

At about 7:10, when speaking about how the Jews were forced to hire brown extras for the slave scenes since they were filming in Morocco, he says “what are they supposed to do, say ‘sorry, we’re not hiring anymore of you brown people,'” and the camera pans over to the audience full of brown people who don’t look amused; one of the Jewish moderators softly repeats “brown people” with that dangerous quiver in his voice that you always hear before a leftist prepares to strike.

Things get dangerous for a bit. You can almost feel every cuck there’s asshole seize up, as their palms start sweating and they prepare themselves for a reverse-lynching which didn’t come. This time. Soon, soon.

Then the almost 100-year-old man started talking about sex and if you want to hear old fat farts talk about sex then that’s your business and I won’t judge, but I don’t know why you would show up to hear a lecture like that. And yet, you have all these serious-looking professor people sitting there in the front row with their furrowed brows and hooked noses waiting for Martin to say something controversial, no doubt.

Serious people discussing serious things

Of course, the most pertinent question to ask of Martin is why he’s outside at all and not behind the writer’s desk all day, tapping away at his final books and then tapping dat fine black ass in the evenings.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of the GOT show, but if we could get a couple more battle scenes out of HBO like the Battle of the Bastards, then fine.

Just give us a few more high-budget action scenes, and I’ll be happy.

Don’t judge me.

Yes, I only ever watch action scenes anymore. The more mindless the better. Can’t handle kiked plots written by Jew writers, so better to just focus on the special effects, I say.