Gazan Preschools Teaching Childrens How to Murder Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

This is genius.

We need a program like this for American children.

Every child needs to be taught how to kill a Jew.

Fox News:

A shocking video recently surfaced that allegedly shows a play at a preschool in the Gaza Strip where children dressed up as commandos and performed a mock hostage-taking situation and execution of an Israeli soldier.

First reported by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), the video purportedly was recorded during a ceremony in May at the Al-Hoda preschool in the self-governing Palestinian territory.

In the play, a group of commandos – including a camouflaged sniper and soldiers in body armor – busted into an Israeli building on “Al-Quds Street.” They pulled out two “hostages” – one dressed in traditional ultra-Orthodox Jewish attire and the other as an Israeli Defense Force soldier – before mock-killing the IDF soldier.

The entire five-minute performance featured loud explosions and sound effects of gunfire. As a finale, the hostage was whisked off stage, while one of the commandos displayed a sign in Arabic and Hebrew that read, “Israel has fallen.”

The play was followed by a demonstration of military formations by the children, while a speech by the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat played in the background.

Fox News was unable to confirm the veracity of the content, but a spokesperson for MEMRI said they found the footage while monitoring the Internet for Palestinian videos.

“Unfortunately we have seen many videos like this from the region over the years,” Steven Stalinsky, MEMRI’s executive director, told Fox News in an email.

Anti-Jewish blogger Luke O’Brien has recently been subjected to a harassment campaign because he doxed a kike infiltrator that was posing as a white person on Twitter and trying to redirect the Trump movement towards viewing Moslems as the main enemy of the white race.

In the article, O’Brien claimed that the reason he was doxing her was to defend Islamic terrorism. It’s not clear if he actually does support Islamic terrorism or if he was just using that as an excuse to dox a kike infiltrator.

As his firing from Huffington Post is imminent, due to the vitriolic hate tactics of the filthy kikes, I offered him a job here at the Daily Stormer, where he could dox kikes. However, though many agreed in principle, they noted that his writing skills are poor, and not really up the Stormer Standard (gold standard of journalism).

But this situation has me thinking – Luke is pro-terrorist and anti-Jew, and writes at a level for pre-schoolers. So he would really be the perfect candidate to put together an educational program to teach preschoolers how to kill Jews.

I’ve long been wanting to do a “recommended for children ages 4-7” section of the site, where we provide educational material for parents and teachers to explain to children important things, like how to kill Jews.

Luke would be great for that.

He can also serve as our chief doxer/stalker of Jews, calling and visiting their families in order to dig up information on them in a menacing way, and feed that research to me so I can write the adult articles on the dox he collects.

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