Gay Weasel Jerry Brown Says He’ll Build a Wall Around California When Trump Takes the Throne

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2016

Jerry Brown

Governor Jerry Brown likes three things: dicks, brown people and brown people’s dicks.

Oh wow.

A gay communist is opposed to Our Glorious Leader.

Who knew?


California Gov. Jerry Brown joked on Monday that if Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump wins the 2016 election, the state would have to erect a wall — not on its border with Mexico, but its borders with other states.

“If Trump were ever elected, we’d have to build a wall around California to defend ourselves from the rest of this country,” he said at a dinner held in Sacramento by the California Labor Federation and State Building and Construction Trades Council of California, according to the Sacramento Bee. “By the way that is a joke,” he added. “We don’t like walls, we like bridges.”

Brown was touting the state’s economic progress, and the influx of young, talented tech workers — though the state has experienced net out-migration for decades, especially of middle-class families.

The governor blasted “old white guys” for not recognizing that their pensions depended on the influx of “young people coming into this country and into this state.”

Don’t you understand, goyim?

They’ll pay your pensions.