Gay Ass Nu-IRA Apologizes For Killing Disgusting Buzzfeed Journalist

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 24, 2019

The nu-IRA is absolutely cucked to the bone and I won’t ever write a nice thing about them ever again.


The self-styled New IRA has offered its “sincere apologies” to the family and friends of Lyra McKee, an investigative journalist shot and killed in a skirmish between police and nationalists in a Northern Irish city last Thursday.

McKee was shot by a gunman while she was covering riots in Derry last week. The 29-year-old journalist, known for her work for the BBC, the Atlantic and Buzzfeed, was taken to hospital with gunshot wounds and succumbed to her injuries shortly afterwards.

In a statement carried by The Irish News on Tuesday, the New IRA claimed that it had not intended to kill the journalist, who, according to the group, got caught in crossfire during their clash with the security forces.

What does it say about your movement when even the people in the RT comments section are scratching their heads and wondering why you’re being such irredeemable faggots?


Both the Left and the Right were cheering when the nu-IRA took out that journalist – because everyone hates establishment shillnalists and wants to see harm befall them.

Instead of owning it though, they said it was an accident by one of their more enthusiastic youngsters (which was bad enough) and then they apologized, which is absolutely ridiculous.

Come to think of it, even though ISIS was a Jew-run media psyop campaign full of dumb, inbred sandniggers, it still had a better PR division than this nu-IRA group. Because if something bloody ever happened, ISIS would claim credit for it, even if they legit had nothing to do with the attack because it made them seem menacing, competent and capable of striking everywhere.

The reason why you would want to appear that way is quite simple. All terrorists or partisans or freedom fighters ultimately want to enter into negotiations with the enemy government or occupying force and extract concessions. They can’t win a war or even a battle, but they do have some cards in their hand that they can play. The better the cards you have, the more concessions you can extract.

If you come off as incompetent and weak and afraid of journalists, no one is going to take you seriously. 


This is so basic. 

How can they be so incompetent?

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that it really is all the Boomers’ fault.

They did such a shit job raising the next generation that now these faggoty nu-IRA Millennials can’t even do terrorism right. The only saving grace is that the Boomers on the other side have their hands full trying to tard-wrangle their incompetent Millennials as well.

Watching the nu-IRA flail around against the incompetent and suicidal UK government is like watching two cripples go at it.

It’s hard to watch and doesn’t sit well with you, so you just shake your head and move on before you start feeling guilty at laughing at the ‘tards.

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  1. The real Irish military is the Irish Defence Forces (Óglaigh na hÉireann), they don’t get involved with foreign wars.

    No more brother wars

    Racial hatred is rising in Ireland

  2. Thanks! I feel better about my Irish roots seeing your post.

  3. 08f54143f3350c75b8175b9892f34f89

  4. @Nationalist4UK
    dude I agree no more brother wars. More times than I wished I have gotten into acrimonious debate with Loyalists on the Irish Question and there is a lot of bad blood and history behind it - and I get it. But look at where we are now. England (the English) and Ireland (the Irish) are being destroyed by the browns backed by the Jews. Why not give N Ireland back to the Irish whether they be Catholic or Prot. England back to the English as well. UK wont even let the English Brexiit. How can one still be loyalist on this? Its a serious question. This article shows the bad commedy of the current “IRA” clown show- sure but if if the real English and the Real Irish dont stand together now (or at least a united front of sorts) to save their very blood- we will both surely lose our homelands to admixture if nothing else

  5. The funeral was today, mourners were asked to wear Harry Potter and Marvel shit in tribute to her love of the franchises.

  6. But look at what is happening in all the Realms of the crown. Is this mandate to rule still legitimate? Look at immigration in Oz, NZ, Canada etc. UK has been ZOGd just like the US.

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