Gatlinburg Wildfire: Jews and Blacks Celebrate Poor White People Dying, Arson Suspected

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2016

What is going on in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and the system’s reaction to it is a national outrage.

The fire has been destroying homes and killing people for days now, yet the national media has completely ignored it, indirectly causing even more deaths (death toll is currently at seven so far). In the video posted above, you can hear the men driving through the inferno and getting out by the skin of their teeth, cursing the media for not informing the public on what is going on in Appalachia and thus putting them in harm’s way.

Are they doing it on purpose so that as many old and traveling white people as possible are killed by the flames? It certainly seems so.

To see the scandalous contrast, just last week the Judenpresse turned a wild fire in Israel into an international story with extensive coverage. This inspired an international volunteer coalition of even nations that are lukewarm at best towards Jews – Russians, Egyptians, Turks and others – who were flown in to put it out for the cowardly Jews. There is even a significant number of white Gentile butt-kissing firefighters from America who have traveled to aid the effort in Israel, while their countrymen in poorly resourced Appalachia plea to deaf ears for someone to help!

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Something like this can only happen when people who are working together to literally kill your race control your means of national communication during an emergency. The blood is on Judah’s hands!

But the cherry on top is the orgasmic convulsions Jews and their minions are having in response to the deaths of countless poverty stricken white people who have lost everything to this fire, if not their lives. Approximately 1 in 4 people living in Gatlinburg have an income beneath the poverty line, the area is 95% white – they have no advocates or friends in other words, which is why Jewish sadists are openly celebrating this and getting away with it:

Here is the screenshot in case this (thankfully) self-identifying pig deletes her horrible tweet. The parenthesis are a good place holder until we get power and put a yellow star on her.

But there’s more:


Michael Ian Black was born “Schwartz”, and is a Jewish TV star.

gatlinburg2 gatlinburglaughing

Here are the “Jew-splainers”:

There is a small branch of the Judeo-Left that is concerned though. They are devastated about the sea turtles and muskrats of Gatlinburg. Some are organizing to go down to rescue them, how noble:

Last but not least, this latest episode of the black comedy known as America reveals that authorities believe the fire was started by people, probably on purpose. Could be Arabs, could be blacks, Mexicans, could be incompetent whites, or could be Jews, but with sickos literally shitting in public over Donald Trump, one can’t help but suspect that if it was done with malicious intent, and if so, it was certainly a member of “Ascendant America.”

As for the people who live there, who probably get choked up when they see Old Glory waving high and have no ideological problem with the concept of a racially pluralistic America, they can now see how much this socially constructed evil imperialist mongrel monstrosity hates them.

So far, the only people I see who give two damns about these folks are the fine fellows in the Traditionalist Worker Party. Matthew Heimbach has announced that they will be going down to the area to do humanitarian work and help in whatever way they can. I will have more information later on how you can volunteer, donate and look out for folks who have nobody but us.

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  1. Remember this guys, because one day we’re going to have to decide what to do with these people. Do you think they would repatriate you back to Europe if they got the upper hand? I think you all know what they would do, fuck these creatures.

  2. You’ll only find those types in Knoxville. Out here in the country those types don’t exist. I go to cades cove often, and Gatlinburg too, so I’m pretty upset for my folk up there.

    East Tennessee natives are the kindest, virtuous people you’ll ever meet. Our worst sin is we gossip too much. You’ll never have a door slammed in your face here, we are well mannered and always help each other out. I’m proud of my Scots Irish kin.

  3. These fucks are pure evil, and we should be constantly reminded of the fact that they are not outliers. These are not fringe opinions among Jews and niggers. Never forget: THESE PEOPLE WANT US DEAD. THEY WANT OUR PEOPLE ERADICATED. THEY WANT TO DESTROY CIVILIZATION EVEN IF IT MEANS THEIR OWN DESTRUCTION, JUST TO WATCH US BURN.

    But they won’t win. When the chaos comes, I’m pretty sure I know who will come out on top.

  4. Those Jews actually have a good point. White Supremacists SHOULD rebuild the town. Tennessee is a beautiful place, and the mountains give the area natural resources. I wouldn’t mind having a white ethnostate in the hills.

    I’m glad some white nationalist groups are helping out, that’ll really piss off the media.

  5. Jjames says:

    I saw a picture of a guy out west in the mountains that had this funky looking geodesic dome that he had fireproofed. I bet people laughed at him until a fire blew across the ridge line he lived on and his property was only lightly damaged.

    Also brings to mind the guy in Mississippi who built what looked like an earthen fortification around his house. Being prepared always pays off when the chips are down.

  6. PamH says:

    I lived in Gatlinburg, in Cobbly Nob until 2 yrs. ago. I will be going over on Saturday to bring donations and start to help cleaning up. 4 of my friends lost their homes and everything they own. This is tragic. I am heartbroken. These are good and fine people living there.

    I have some words for these degenerate, filthy SANDNIGGERS Please, please do come to Gatlinburg and say it to our face. We will be more than happy to show you some good ole fashioned Southern hospitality.

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