Furious Buck Chokes His Rubenesque Mudshark to Death with a Shoelace

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2019

Clifton Ruggs.

I lol’d.

For all their flaws, these blacks are surprisingly adept at coming out with new and inventive ways to dispatch their disobedient THOTs.


A man was arrested after he allegedly killed his girlfriend between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.

According the criminal complaint, Clifton Ruggs got into an argument with his girlfriend while he was at work.

According to police, the argument continued when Ruggs got home on the 700-block of Maryland Avenue.

According to the criminal complaint, Ruggs began choking the victim with a shoestring causing her death. Defensive wounds were observed on the victims body and scratch marks were observed on Ruggs’ body.

According to police, the victim was identified as Crystal Stevens.

Ruggs has been charged first degree murder and is currently being held at North Central Regional Jail.

Crystal Stevens.

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  1. That must have been one hell of a shoelace to fit around that neck

  2. It’s a scientific fact that all white women named Crystal are mudsharks.

  3. God this happens with such frequency. They are really eliminating the mudshark gene for us.

  4. I have never met a crystal. i think

  5. live video of the murder.

  6. rouse says:



  7. Strong shoelace too. No word on what brand it was?

    My cheap ones break all the time.

  8. The movie ‘Barfly’ with Mickey Rourke starring was based on the life of the poet/layabout
    Charles Bukowski, a German American poet. Most folks will have heard about how it’s a small
    thing like a shoelace breaking while a man is in a hurry that will cause him to lose his shit.
    Here’s the poem from whence it’s taken.

    the shoelace

    a woman, a

    tire that’s flat, a

    disease, a

    desire; fears in front of you,

    fears that hold so still

    you can study them

    like pieces on a

    chessboard . . .

    it’s not the large things that

    send a man to the

    madhouse. death he’s ready for, or

    murder, incest, robbery, fire, flood . . .

    no, it’s the continuing series of small tragedies

    that send a man to the

    madhouse . . .

    not the death of his love

    but a shoelace that snaps

    with no time left . . .

    the dread of life

    is that swarm of trivialities

    that can kill quicker than cancer

    and which are always there –

    license plates or taxes

    or expired driver’s license,

    or hiring or firing,

    doing it or having it done to you, or


    speeding tickets

    rickets or crickets or mice or termites or

    roaches or flies or a

    broken hook on a

    screen, or out of gas

    or too much gas,

    he sink’s stopped-up, the landlord’s drunk,

    the president doesn’t care and the governor’s


    light switch broken, mattress like a


    $105 for a tune-up, carburetor and fuel pump at

    Sears Roebuck;

    and the phone bill’s up and the market’s

    down and the toilet chain is


    and the light has burned out –

    the hall light, the front light, the back light

    the inner light; it’s

    darker than hell

    and twice as


    Then there’s always crabs and ingrown toenails

    and people who insist they’re

    your friends;

    there’s always that and worse;

    leaky faucet, Christ and Christmas;

    blue salami, 9 day rains,

    50 cent avocados

    and purple


    or making it

    as a waitress at Norm’s on the split shift,

    or as an emptier of


    or as a carwash or a busboy

    or a stealer of old lady’s purses

    leaving them screaming on the sidewalks

    with broken arms at the age of


    2 red lights in your rear view mirror

    and blood in your


    toothache, and $979 for a bridge

    $300 for a gold


    and China and Russia and America, and

    long hair and short hair and no

    hair, and beards and no

    faces, and plenty of zigzag, but no

    pot, except maybe one to piss in and

    the other one around your


    with each broken shoelace

    out of one hundred broken shoelaces,

    one man, one woman, one

    thing enters a


    so be careful

    when you

    bend over.

  9. I knew one Crystal in my days on this earth, and she was probably the stupidest bitch I ever knew. My friend dated her in high school, and she was this crazy bitch that would just lie about anything. Anything she said, you had to assume was probably a lie. Anyhow, they didn’t stay together very long, and before we even finished high school, I ceased having any sort of contact with her.

    Probably about 10 years later, out of the fucking blue, I get a phone call. I pick up the phone “hello?” “Mace?” “Yeah.” “Hey, it’s Crystal. I looked you up in the phone book and I’m living just down the road from you, thought you might want to hang out or whatever.”

    I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was along the lines of “I’ll call you.” Bear in mind, I hated this bitch from the moment I met her, and we were never in any sense friends. Bitch looked me up in the phone book 10 years later at random!

    Fucking Crystals, man. Not even once.

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