Fun Time Family Party Time with Allah at the French Prison!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2019

Sure, you’re gonna have this sort of thing when you import a bunch of Moslems to live in your country on welfare.

But think of the pluses.

Think of the… kebab stands… and probably some other things too, which I can’t think of right now but which must exist because otherwise people wouldn’t be chanting “diversity is our greatest strength” all the time as they do.


A “radicalized” inmate has stabbed two guards in a prison in the northwest of France, causing a tense standoff with the law enforcement. The suspect was injured and apprehended during a full-scale assault on the facility.

The prisoner had been with his wife in a visiting room at the high-security facility on Tuesday when the 27-year-old stabbed two guards with a ceramic knife, shouting “Allahu Akbar,” prison staff told AFP. The prisoner then retreated into another room and locked himself in with his wife, beginning a standoff with police lasting several hours.

“It was truly a murder attempt. There was blood everywhere. The family-visiting unit was a battle scene,” a member of the prison staff said. Despite the apparent severity of the attack, the victims’ injuries turned out to be non-life threatening, and no hostages have been taken.

Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said that there was “no doubt about the terrorist nature of the attack,” and that the inmate was known as an adherent of radical Islam. Police sources suggest he was radicalized in prison in 2010.

Unconfirmed reports from local news sources say that he has claimed the attack for ISIS, and announced his intent to “die like a martyr.”

The inmate and his wife were ultimately both apprehended by the police.

The death of the rogue inmate’s wife has been confirmed by the Paris prosecutor. The suspect himself was slightly injured during the incident.

This is the nuttiest thing.

He waited for his wife to visit him and then went on jihad from the family visiting center in the prison.

With a “ceramic knife.”

Do they mean a sharp piece of a broken coffee cup?

Or a legit zirconia kitchen knife?

I don’t know why you would have a real kitchen knife available in prison, nor do I know how the cops or the media would know the chemical makeup of the knife, so I’m assuming it was a ceramic shiv made from a coffee cup.

What an adventure!

The police were landing helicopters and everything!

Maybe when the Jewish media says “diversity is our greatest strength,” what they mean is that your life will be filled with sporadic, unannounced action-adventure experiences like something out of a Michael Bay movie.

I fucking love Michael Bay movies.

Bad Boys is the reason I originally started thinking niggers were fantastic contributors to our society.

When Kevin McCarthy is up there pushing their multiculture agenda, he should just be like “basically, your entire life is going to turn into a Michael Bay film as soon as we reach peak diversity saturation – because our values is that you live in a Michael Bay movie. It’s who we are.”