Friday Poll: Evolution or Creation?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 19, 2014

Dinosaurs: Just another Jewish hoax.
Dinosaurs: Just another Jewish hoax.

So it’s Friday again, time for another fun edition of poll Friday: a fun Friday poll tradition of Nazis.

Here’s the topic: evolution or creation.

I will briefly state that I do not personally have a definite opinion on this.  Clearly, taking the Biblical creation story literally seems a little bit silly, and I’m not sure it was ever taken that way traditionally by religious intellectuals or meant to be.  At the same time, though the logic of evolution seems internally consistent, it is not scientific in the sense that it follows the scientific method, and animals transforming into other animals seems on the face of it a bit ridiculous, especially since we have no evidence this is possible.

The fact that academia will crucify you for questioning evolution also makes it seem less credible/serious as a philosophy, but that is mainly because the Jews have tied the concept to their atheist revolutionary claptrap.  It could also be that it is just the way institutions like this work – they establish a certain dogma and don’t want it questioned.

My own spiritual inclinations are more toward a pantheistic conception of reality, so I would put the existence of the spiritual world as before the physical world, with the physical being a manifestation of the spiritual – a function of it.  In my own thinking, the physical world probably does not actually even exist as an independent concept, but it simply a projection of our thoughts, which are themselves extensions of a divine whole.  Within this paradigm, both evolution or spontaneous creation could possibly make sense, as either would be driven by the spiritual force acting upon the material realm.

For those interested in this, you can look into William Pierce’s Cosmotheism teachings, and from a Christian angle on the same basic idea, George Berkeley.  The concept, in various forms, goes all the way back to the pre-Socratic Greek philosophers and presumably way back into prehistory.

Anyway, I have indulged myself – enough of that, you get the idea.

The Showdown

Here is some evidence for the creationist angle:

And here is a summation of the Darwinist argument:

Bonus: The truth about Dinosaurs:

This is also good:

Also, I will note that atheism is in my view lower than the most primitive African superstitions.  But I don’t think the question of evolution vs. creation implies atheism vs. Christianity for any other reason than because the Jews say it does.  Darwin himself was a Christian.  This comes about by tying evolution to a magical random chance mechanism (deus ex machina) and then automatically implying biogenesis happened for no reason for no reason (eh, they make the implication that it happened for no reason without any reason for making this implication).

Athiesm is just a weird Jewish revolutionary movement which has tried to hijack the racist and basically Christian ideas of Darwin, Huxley, Galton and other fantastic non-Jews.

Another note: the implications of evolution are highly useful from a racialist/eugenicist perspective.

Also note: I don’t really believe that dinosaur video (hope that was obvious, but apparently sometimes these things are not).  I am a firm believer in dinosaurs.


For the purposes of this poll, I will have to define the terms, since I confused it above by adding all my spiritualism.

Evolution: Lower lifeforms progressed into higher life forms over a period of time.  Happened by divine guidance or random chance.

Creation: Lifeforms all appeared on earth exactly as they are now, or close to it, having been formed by a creator-god (not necessarily out of clay on the sixth day, but something like that).

The outer space option was added to make the poll interesting and because that is the most likely possibility.

So.  The choice is yours.

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