French Prime Minister Accused of Being Under Jewish Influence

Daily Slave
February 17, 2015

Manuel Valls, lover of Jews in more ways than one.

A former French foreign minister has accused France’s current Prime Minister Manuel Valls of being under Jewish influence since he’s married to a Jew.

Even if you don’t factor in his marriage to a Jew, his actions and behavior show conclusively that he is bought and paid for by Jewish interests.

This clown does more to help Jews than he does the average French person.  He is a traitor and should be put in prison.  Same goes with the French President Francois Hollande.  They are all whores for Jews.

Times of Israel:

A former French foreign minister accused France’s Prime Minister Manuel Valls of being under Jewish influence Monday, pointing to Valls’ marriage to a Jewish woman

Valls is “not his cup of tea,” Roland Dumas said in an interview to France’s BFMTV, explaining that the prime minister once attacked him for his opposition to Israel’s policies and his support of the Palestinian cause.

“He has personal alliances, everyone knows that he’s married to someone who has an influence on him,” Dumas said, referring to Valls’s wife Anne Gravoin, who is Jewish.

Asked by the interviewer, Jacques Bourdin, whether he thinks whether Valls — who is very popular in France’s Jewish community for his frank condemnations of anti-Semitism and Islamic extremism — is “under Jewish influence,” Dumas replied: “Probably. Everyone is under some influence… I can think so, so why not say it?”

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