French Police Were Straight-Up Just Shooting People in the Face Last Weekend

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2018

Turns out the French police were going out of their way to deliberately hurt protestors last weekend.

They were shooting people in the face with rubber bullets, and some people got seriously damaged.


French police put lives at risk during Yellow Vest protests, RT heard. A friend of a woman who lost her eye at a rally says police was targeting bystanders deliberately, while a reporter claims her helmet was confiscated.

A 20-year-old student, identified as Fiorina, came to Paris for a “Yellow Vest” rally last weekend, Maxime Jacob, the woman’s friend, told RT France. “I was around when we were at Champs Elysees. At around 12am we asked gendarmes to let us leave the place but they were ordered not to allow anyone out.”

I’m surprised more people weren’t killed.

We all saw the footage.

It seems that they’re taking a leaf out of the Israeli playbook and just straight-up attacking dissenters with sadistic glee, assured that there will be no consequences.

Because the media in the West just isn’t covering the brutal crackdown. 

It’s a real shame a journalist didn’t die in these protests. We could have had a Khashoggi moment, where the media bucks the Neoliberalism.txt programming because one of their own got whacked and they decided to close ranks in outrage. We are the protected class! You can’t touch us!

The issue of protective equipment came to light earlier in December when a French photographer claimed riot police compromised her safety during Paris rallies. While covering the protests, Veronique de Viguerie engaged in an argument with officers who said she should keep away from the area.

“They told me: ‘Look, there’re projectiles flying all over the place, you should be mad not having a helmet. Be a professional, it’s not safe here, come back with your helmet on’,” de Viguerie told RT France. Covering the rallies next time, she brought a helmet and a gas mask but the equipment was confiscated at a police checkpoint.

So it sounds like it almost came to that. A Russian journalist got shot in the face with either a flash ball or a gas canister – but Russians don’t count, right?

Nah, it would have to be a Washington Post contributor to make the Western media sit up and take notice.