French Government Protests Growing Movement to Boycott Israel

Daily Slave
June 6, 2015

True story
True story

It is absolutely ridiculous how much control the Jews have within the French government.  They are a government for the Jew and by the Jew.  Why else would they care if people wish to boycott a foreign country?  The only reason they care so much is because the boycotts are targeting Israel which is full of Jews.  Since Jews have so much back room influence in France, this is why top French government office holders are speaking out against said boycotts.  The French need to exile all Jews and hang the traitors and profiteers that have allowed this situation to occur.


France’s foreign minister is criticizing any boycott of Israel, amid uproar over French telecom giant Orange’s announcement that it wants to cut ties with Israel.

Laurent Fabius said in a statement Friday that it is up to Orange to determine its business strategy, but “France is firmly opposed to a boycott of Israel.”

Orange’s chief executive Stephane Richard said in Cairo on Wednesday he wants to end his company’s relationship with an Israeli partner because of sensitivity to Arab countries.

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