Freed Yazidi “Sex Slave” Finds ISIS Captor Waiting for Her in Germany

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 19, 2018

This story reminds me of a Swedish-language story that I found /pol/ that sadly, I do not have the link to. Saw it floating around the other day and didn’t save it… But, basically, some dumb Ukrainian bitch decided to move to Sweden and claim asylum status because she was under threat of Russian invasion, lol. She was living in Kiev, which, to my knowledge has not been invaded – not by Russians anyway.

So while she’s in Sweden, her leg gets blown off by an Uzbeki terrorist.

And wait for it, the Swedish government decides to deport her anyways.

You can’t find a better punchline than that.

Also, how dumb do these bitches gotta be to think that Sweden or Germany are safe places to apply for asylum?

I mean, this girl did something almost as retarded.


A Yazidi teenager who fled from Islamic State slavery in Iraq, only to come face to face with her former captor in Germany, told RT why she returned to Iraq, and why she thinks Europe is no safe haven for girls like her.

After fleeing captivity in Iraq, Ashwaq Ta’lo thought she was safe in Schwabisch Gmund, a picturesque market town in the foothills of Germany’s Swabian mountains, near Stuttgart. That changed one night in February, when Ashwaq was returning home from school and a car pulled up beside her.

A short-bearded man stepped out and took off his glasses, leaning in closer to look at the teenager. “Can I ask you a question,” he said. “Are you Ashwaq?”

It was a face Ashwaq never thought she would see again. The man, known only as Abu Humam, was a Syrian Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighter who had bought Ashwaq for $100 at a slave market in Ba’aj, Iraq in 2015. He was now living in Germany as a refugee, enjoying the same freedom as his former victim. 

Oh maaaaaan. Womp womp indeed.

It gets better:

After meeting Abu Humam in Germany, Ashwaq filed a police report and told her assigned social worker who she had seen. She says the police waited a month and a half to open the case, and when they did, they found no leads.

Her social worker told her that she was in Germany to recover from the trauma of her captivity in Iraq, but Ashwaq no longer felt safe.

“How can that be, if my rapist is living here and has the same rights as me?” she wondered. 

Out of the Islamic State, into the German Caliphate!

At this point, I’m waiting to hear the story of some other dumb White bitch applying for asylum in South Africa or Zimbabwe LMAO.

You just know it’s going to happen. And imma be like:

And so the refugee girl ends up fleeing Germany – which has become too dangerous for her.

Faced with living in fear of her rapist or taking her chances elsewhere, Ashwaq headed back to Iraq to visit relatives. Her family who stayed behind in Germany begged her to return, and assured her that the German government would see to it that justice was done. Ashwaq refused.

“My dignity is more important than being in Germany,” she said. “I’ve put my life on the edge to escape from ISIS here to keep my dignity, then you want me to stay in Germany and know that the one who was responsible for my misery is free in that country?”

“All I wanted was to be somewhere safe but if I meet ISIS there and I’m afraid all the time that he would hurt me again, then I can’t stay there anymore.”

Oh man, I’m starting to feel bad for her.

Because she’s a chick, halfway good-looking, not a ham-planet hog and she’s got some spunk – oh yeah and she’s not a Moslem. Wouldmakesexslave/10.

Do liberals not care that young vulnerable women are being harassed by Moslem ISIS terrorists in Germany? Feminists? Crickets, I guess.

Perhaps it is because she is young and good-looking that no one is helping her. Remember, the Deep State is run by hags who hate beauty and hate their own men, and especially hate young women. Like Merkel, who started all of this.

Ashwaq arrived in Germany as one of over a million migrants admitted in 2015. German Chancellor Angela Merkel stood by her country’s ‘open-door’ migration policy until it was abandoned this year. Critics have blasted the chancellor for carelessly admitting millions of migrants, often with inadequate vetting. Even when defending her decision, Merkel admitted last year that “for some time we didn’t have enough control” at Germany’s borders.

Ashwaq’s tormentor was just one of an unknown number of violent jihadists who may have slipped through the cracks. In 2015, German federal police received over 300 tip-offs about potential jihadists or known terrorists entering the country as refugees. “We have repeatedly seen that terrorists… have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees,” the head of Germany’s interior intelligence agency warned the following year.

They probably let in tens of thousands of terrorists, and even more tens of thousands of future terrorists and sympathizers.

And the police in Germany, just like in America, do absolutely nothing.

Moslem terrorists>women refugees according to the security services, which are probably run by hags as well.

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