France: Schools Teach Tadpoles France Would be a Shithole Without Mass Immigration

Daily Stormer
February 23, 2018

“If they eat us, we win!”

Open borders don’t simply lead to prosperity – they lead to safety.



France is safe and prosperous only thanks to a ‘lifetime of open borders’, while mass migration is a “universal right”, according to literature being handed out in French classrooms.

“Look how safe and prosperous you are, goyim!”

Intended for distribution to children between the ages of eight and 16, the new booklets are produced by ‘Secular Solidarity’, an organisation which receives around half of its funding from French taxpayers, in conjunction with other groups including SNUIPP-FSU, the major teachers’ union in France.

I’m not even gonna bother checking if this “Secular Solidarity” thing and the teachers’ union are run by Jews or not.

The probability is so great, I don’t really have to.

“Vibrancy is always best for your safety, goyim.”

“Immigration is a fundamental human right”, according to the taxpayer-funded body’s document, which tells children that “mass migration is the very essence of humanity”, and argues they have no right to secure the French border because “the most recent research shows the first humans were all from Africa”.

Aside from the fact that immigration is not a “right” at all, that “rights” don’t exist at all, that mass migration is something that happened very rarely before Whitey built modern transport technologies, and the Out of Africa theory has been debunked a bunch of times, and the oldest hominin ever found came from Europe

Why would you teach this shit to 8-year-olds?

They’re supposed to learn math and grammar and history, and also useful things like what to do in case the hordes of subhumans the kikes are flooding us with try to attack them.

“If that schwartza hadn’t kicked that French shiksa in the head, a goy from England would’ve done it TWICE AS HARD.”

“To migrate is to move, it is natural in human beings,” it states, claiming that “the world we live in today: our countries, our cultures, our languages” have all resulted from millennia of open borders, the document alleges occurred.

Fun fact: If you open a history book at any page, you’ll see people from different tribes/ethnicities/races slaughtering each other, with the main cause of said slaughter being proximity to each other.

But let’s not let attested historical truth and common sense get in the way of cheap propaganda.

“Look at all that movement, goyim. Ain’t it vibrant?”

On one page, a cartoon of an African boy is shown drawing attention to the booklet’s intended feminist nature, in which he orders a cartoon depicting a white girl to “notice
 the use of inclusive language”.

“This new style of writing allows us to make men and women equals,” the cartoon figure asserts, praising the “modernised” form of French beloved by far-left activists but opposed by national language police, the AcadĂ©mie Francaise, which brands it  a “mortal danger” to the centuries-old European tongue.

Downloading the booklet, finding this part, taking a snip and uploading it here took me almost a full minute of my life. Hope you guys appreciate my hard work.

Despite French law requiring politics be kept out of state school classrooms, the material makes no attempt to hide its far-left bent, suggesting that any attempt to question the age of so-called unaccompanied minors is an affront to basic human rights.

“Some children are made to have so called ‘bone tests’ to see if they are an adult or a child,” the leaflet states, explaining that this involves the state carrying out an X-ray so as to determine whether or not to treat the individual as a minor.

Worse than “unreliable”, in fact, the organisation goes on to imply age checks by the state are a racist assault on people from other cultures, describing any attempt at gauging the age of persons demanding taxpayers’ resources to be an “attack on the physical integrity of the child”.



But seriously – the Western world, especially the countries of western Europe, have reached the point where putting your kids in front of Wikipedia and telling them to just put random words in the search box and read what comes up is a genuinely better alternative to the school systems your taxes support.

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