France Goes Full Mad Max: Yellow Vest Strikes Are Still Going Strong!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 22, 2018

Take a look at some of this footage.

Looks pretty intense. And two people dead now, with 500+ injured.


A number of Total’s fuel depots were blockaded by ‘yellow vest’ protesters, angry over skyrocketing gasoline prices in France, as massive demonstrations continue to rage across the country.

Protesters have blocked access to three fuel depots, a spokesman for the company told Reuters on Monday. Two facilities, one near the northwest city of Rennes, and the other in Fos-sur-Mer in the south, are operated by Total, the spokesman said.

The third depot blocked by the demonstrators is partially owned but not run by the corporation and is located in La Rochelle.

It seems that everyone involved is anti-Macron at the very least. So that’s good.

The lesson to be learned here is how it’s often the little things that get people out into the streets.

We can shake our heads and sneer at these normies with their trivial gas concerns, or we can learn from what’s happening now.

What we want is people rallying around the big issues like mass immigration, calling out the anti-White media, and protesting the never-ending torrent of degeneracy.


The leftists have the same problem, actually. 

They want people rallying in the millions to protest having borders and white men, and then they want to just straight up lynch White people in mass. Whenever they have one of their ultra-leftist rallies though, they get a small turnout.

Their success usually only happens when they piggyback a larger and more normie-friendly rally.

Furthermore, the most successful movements always have a specific goal and a clearly-understood focal point, with clear objectives.

Here, the situation is very clear. 

Price too high, want lower price, protest and block traffic until get lower price.


You get the same thing whenever a cop gets acquitted for killing a nigger in the US. The focal point is the alleged miscarriage of justice in one particular instance, and that’s what the normies come out for, but then clever leftists use the momentum to level a broadside critique against their enemies, like “systemic White racism” or something.

Small action groups can co-opt pretty much any mass movement and make it about themselves and their ideas.

This yellow vest thing is still going strong into the weekend.

Other right-wing groups should use it as an opportunity to piggyback. You know, groups that enjoy blocking roads as much as the Yellow Vests…

Every single one of these mass manifestations of normie outrage is an opportunity in waiting.

I just wish the people who are serious about doing demos and activism would git gud at it. Maybe read some lefty books and training manuals that are readily available on Amazon.

And let me preemptively say that it’s not cucking.

There’s a lot to learn from the people who, you know, protested for a living for the last 60 years.

I have high hopes that this yellow vest thing in France can be piggy-backed. Someone’s just gotta up and do it. And its a zero-sum game.

These people will join either our side or theirs.