France: Dirty Jew Sarkozy BTFO in Presidential Primaries

Daily Stormer
November 21, 2016


Why the long face?

The unexpected success of Brexit and Trump’s rise struck fear into the hearts of (((globalists))) everywhere, prompting them to scramble for contingency plans.

France is a critical stake in the nationalist agenda; the French are very angry and dissatisfied with their system, they’re overrun with Moslems who pull Charlies once every few months and they have a very popular anti-EU populist party rising in the polls.

Remember, if France ends up pulling-off a Frexit, it’s basically over for the EU. And the destruction of the EU will be a major blow against the Jew’s “new world order.”

Sarkozy, that prominent White genocide advocate, who had the impudence to become president of France while being a Hungarian Jew who hates the French, had been working on his best “Donald Trump” impression to try and seduce the electorate into moving away from the independentist National Front party of Le Pen.

I guess nobody was buying it.


French voters defied expectations on Sunday by throwing ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy out of the race to be the conservatives’ nominee for the presidential election and propelling his ex-prime minister Francois Fillon to top spot.

A social conservative with economically liberal ideas, Fillon will face Alain Juppe, another ex-prime minister, in a runoff on Nov. 27 which is likely to produce France’s next president in May.

Long trailing his rivals in opinion polls, Fillon goes into the conservative primaries’ run-off with a strong lead, the backing of defeated candidates including Sarkozy and a fresh poll that already tips him to win that second round.


Those promises would have sounded a lot more appealing if everyone didn’t already know you’re a scumbag, Nick.

Sarkozy, who was president in 2007-2012, was long considered a safe bet for the second round after campaigning on a hardline law-and-order platform that sought to tap into concerns over migration and security.

But that strategy, though popular among grassroots voters of Les Republicains party, alienated the centrist and leftwing voters who took part in the primaries and massively backed Juppe, a Harris Interactive poll showed.

Okay, first things first.

Who let this Kike in the Republican party?


Last time I checked, this is what a Republican looks like.

Second, you may be wondering why this so-called “conservative” primary has “centrists” and “left-wingers” voting in it too. Well, that’s because this is actually a large coalition of parties. You see, they have to combine a lot of different parties in order to insure that the National Front doesn’t get elected.

When push comes to shove, the “right” and the “left” will unite to defeat their true enemy, which is nationalism, because they’re both puppets of the Jews and other globalist interests.

We’ll see what happens.

But I’m very happy that this horrible goblin is out of the race.

[Editor’s Note: I definitely did not see this coming. I was just saying last night on Nordfront Radio that it was Sarkozy that was going to be giving Le Pen a run for her money next year. She’s got a whole lot better chance now than she did yesterday. -AA]