France: Chinese Riot After Cop Kills Chinaman

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 28, 2017

Even in an extremely successful multicultural paradise like Paris, you’re just bound to have a few flare-ups here and there.

Sometimes, you know – the Chinese are gonna riot.


The Chinese Foreign Ministry says it summoned a French diplomat after a Chinese national was killed by a police officer in Paris. The incident triggered violent protests with demonstrators, mainly from the Asian community, clashing with police.

Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying announced the French diplomat had been summoned during a daily news briefing, Chinese media and Reuters reported. The name of the envoy has not been revealed.

Hua asked French authorities to investigate the incident thoroughly and ensure the safety of Chinese nationals on French soil.

Later on Tuesday Reuters reported that French police opened an investigation into the incident. It was also confirmed by a source in the Chinese embassy in Paris to Xinhua news agency.

On Monday, the Chinese embassy released a statement calling upon French police to understand the situation and as soon as possible “to identify the truth.” The embassy added it is planning to maintain close contact with the French side over the incident.

The Chinese mission sent representatives to the families of the deceased to express condolences.

Shaoyo Liu, a 56-year-old Chinese man, was shot dead on Sunday by a BAC (Anti-Crime Brigade) policeman who arrived at his home over a “family dispute” on Sunday evening.

Police claim an officer shot Liu in self defense, saying he was holding scissors. However, his family says he had only been cutting fish when the officers arrived.

“My little sister heard a knock at the door: she looked through the peephole and saw two men and an armed woman,” Isabelle Liu, the victim’s daughter told Le Parisien. “My father came to the door with the scissors he was using to take care of the fish he was cooking…. [when] the police broke through the door and shot.”

On Monday evening, about 150 people, mainly representatives of the Asian community, took to the streets of the 19 arrondissement of Paris to pay tribute to Shaoyo Liu, who was reportedly a father of five.

“We are peaceful, we want peace and justice,” Stéphane, a 26-year-old demonstrator, told Liberation newspaper.

Despite that, several clashes broke out between police officers and demonstrators. Three police officers were slightly injured during clashes, while at least 35 protesters were arrested, police said, as cited by AFP.

A police vehicle was damaged by an incendiary device, as well as three cars belonging to private individuals, AFP added.

Okay, so, um.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that the old Chinaman probably didn’t rush at the police with scissors.

I’m gonna go out on a separate limb and say that the officer responsible for the shooting was almost certainly an Arab or some other type of colorful. The French police are filled with colorfuls.

My theory comes close to being proved by the fact that the identity of the officer hasn’t been released. Of course, there is some law in France that prevents that, but if it was a white male responsible, someone would leak it to be like “SEE HERE IT’S A FUCKING WHITE MALE.”

The French hate the white race. Believe me, they would do that.

I said the same thing with that black guy who allegedly got a stick rammed up his butthole by cops – only Arabs would do that.

Also – and I don’t know this part – but I would guess that the rioters, at least the ones detonating bombs, are Arabs or blacks who have gone out to attack cops just because there was an opportunity.

I just can’t really imagine Chinese people blowing up cars. In fact, the suggestion of that is totally absurd.