France: Child-Saving Superheroes Forced Out of Their Headquarters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 4, 2018

Batman had the Bat cave.

The Avengers had the Mansion.

The Fantastic Four had the Baxter Building.

The Justice League had the Hall of Justice.

(And then some satellite base I can’t remember the name of. It wasn’t “Satellite of Justice”…)

The African heroes who came to France to rescue white children while their stupid fathers play Pokemon have tent cities.

But for the white supremacist French, superheroes don’t deserve a base – no matter how incredible their acts of heroism.


French police began on Monday to clear out two illegal refugee camp sites in Paris, following a similar operation last week, in the government’s latest attempt to deal with a migrant influx that France has been facing for the past three years.

A statement from the Paris police department said authorities were in the process of clearing out two illegal refugee campsites at the Porte des Poissonniers, in northeast Paris, and another site next to the city’s Canal Saint Martin.

Last week, authorities had cleared out around 1,000 migrants from the larger “Millenaire” camp, also in northeast Paris. Those migrants had subsequently been taken to various accommodation centers around the capital.

When will we evolve to realize that the color of a man’s skin isn’t what makes him French – it’s whether or not he saved a dangling child?

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